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Anil Kumar P.
Passionate marketer with multi-niche experience of over 30 years. An avid marketer, blogger, educator, and trainer with interests in technology, sales, marketing, sci-fi, reading, cooking, coding, traveling and socializing, not necessarily in the same order. Advisor for startups and small businesses. Believes in function over form and enjoys driving, nature and music.

Lead Distribution: How to Create an Effective Strategy

Hello! In today's highly competitive business environment, effective lead distribution maximizes sales and ensures a constant stream of prospective clients. This article will explore...

10 Best CRM Tools for Small Business

Small businesses need to be as dynamic as possible in order to be successful. With limited resources and a small team of staffers, small...

How to Get Your Emails Opened in 2018

Modern consumers are extremely savvy when it comes to marketing. Millennials, in particular, are aware of marketing messages and often take pains to avoid...

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