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Andy Wood
GI Insight
Andy Wood is managing director of GI Insight (formerly Total DM), a full service database marketing company. Wood has run six major loyalty programs, having worked on both the client and the service side. He also created the United Kingdom's first card-based loyalty scheme, Homebase's "Spend and Save."

Targeted Loyalty Programs Can Help You Ride Out a Slowing Economy

When the credit crisis hit during the back end of 2007, it generated much talk on its likely impact on retail sales. One of...

Are U.K. Businesses Serious About CRM? A Survey Says “Yes”

A growing number of businesses in the United Kingdom are adding executive positions overseeing CRM, according to a TotalDM survey of the United Kingdom's...

Industries With More Customer Data Are More Successful at “Stretching the Brand”

The power of a strong brand is such that consumers will happily pay 37 percent more for their preferred, established brand, according to Simon...

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