Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize mobile app development


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“A year spent in Artificial Intelligence is enough to make one believe in God”
• As per the recent news, humanoid robot Sophia was made citizen of Saudi Arabia! Was that something ever expected?
• One more… Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will be able to manage 85% of the relation without interacting with the human

Isn’t that something overwhelming?
As the mobile app development have evolved, Artificial Intelligence has opened a whole new door and redefined the concept of human machine interaction. Today, with the huge competition in the market, many of the iPhone mobile application development and Android mobile app development companies fail to meet customer’s expectation regarding loading time, speed, bugs and not able to provide satisfactory user experience. People are more inclined towards mobile devices to get their things done within minutes; hence it clearly indicates that, businesses need to invest in Artificial Intelligence mobile app to hit the bull’s eye.

So, what is Artificial Intelligence all about?

To be very precise, it is the simulation of human intelligence process by machines that includes learning, reasoning and self-correction. For instance: chat-bots, smart sensors, Alexa, Siri and much more are dominating the market by delivering the best customer service.

Taking the advantage of this scenario, mobile app developers are putting prime focus on enhancing customer experience and are exploring more ways to provide personalization and boost their mobile app experience.
Smart Watches, security system, home appliances are connected with each other; to this, AI acts as the mediator for the user to command the things around them.

Why such hype with AI?
Because it,

• Automates repetitive learning and discovery through deeper data
• Adds Intelligence
• Adapts progressive learning algorithm
• Achieves incredible accuracy

Let’s zero down some of the scenarios, where Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile apps helps the businesses to create the great user-experience for the customers

Personalization Capability:
The expansion of Artificial Intelligence in the mobile app has enabled the mobile users to completely replenish the existing user-experience. With Artificial Intelligence, vast amount of data is available which talks about the customer spending hours in aisle, purchasing behaviour, interest and much more. This technology can understand the customer behaviour in couple of minutes and provides in-depth insights of the customer preferences. Starbucks came up with the AI powered mobile app called My Starbucks Barista where users simply have to tell what they want and order will be placed. Tacobell came up with the mobile app called TacoBot where it provides personalized menu recommendations by anticipating the interest based on the past purchases. AI infused apps or smart apps are now being built to ease the task of the customers. When it comes to ecommerce, retailers uses the mobile app to gain customer’s insight and based on the behavioural pattern provides the personalized approach to each customer by providing shopping recommendations, discounts, coupons and much more. Offering more and more personalization always help the brand to boost sales which results into app retention, app engagement and ultimately increases ROI.

Better predictive reply: A predictive reply is the communication between user and the device where AI technology understands the message and responds it precisely. It extracts the information from the existing data sets in order to determine the pattern and predict the outcome. For instance, Google’s Gmail app came up with the new feature of Smart Reply by using artificial neural networks to send appropriate responses to the email messages. The feature is integrated with machine learning that analyse the emails and recommends quick, small size messages that you may want to send. Predicting replies helps in providing fast replies which makes it easy for the customers and brands to resolve the queries in less time. Moreover, chat-bots interacts with the user in the natural way leaving no stone unturned to create the great experience for the user.

Voice based search: The future is not so far when your dinner table would be your search bar; night lamp would be like how to shop for the best bulbs; your car might be finding the YouTube video of how to make the long drive less tedious. The world will be like, you don’t have to waste your energy even for lifting the finger to get the task done- just you need to do this, turnaround any object and speak what you are looking for. Tech companies like Amazon introduced Alexa to make the task easier just by commanding the things and Alexa would do it for you. For instance, you can tell Alexa to book your favorited restaurant and Alexa will do it for you by asking your further preferences. As per the research of the ComScore, By 2020, 200 billion searches per month will be done; creating the market opportunity of voice search of $50+ billion per year… Isn’t that something extravagant? As the demand increases, more voice usage data will become available, the better the algorithm will work and speech recognition accuracy will get better thus providing intense improvements in accuracy.

Machine learning: AI enabled Machine learning mobile apps refer to the technique involved in dealing the enormous data and then digging out the actionable insights. Machine learning being one of the best computing process provides efficient, cost-effective, reliable solution and ultimately increases decision making process from a data-driven affair. For instance, Machine learning AI infused mobile app helps the doctor to monitor the health of the patient and also enables the doctor to alert the medications necessary on the particular date. The more personal data fed to the machine learning algorithm, the more it understands the user’s profile enabling doctors to cure anomalies on the spot. Facebook’s News Feed uses AI integrated machine learning algorithm to personalize user’s feed; if the user frequently “like” someone post or that type of particular post, News Feed will start to provide you similar feed. So, how does this happen? The software uses statistical analysis and predictive analytics to recognize the pattern of user’s data to show similar newsfeed. If the user stops to read or like the particular feed, new set of data will be generated and newsfeed will adjust accordingly.

Some of the popular example for machine learning artificial intelligence mobile app

  • Self-driving car of google
  • Product recommendation on Amazon
  • Knowing what your customer are going to say on social media
  • Fraud detection

Boost the content quality: AI is dominating the market world by collecting huge amount of data across different platforms including data management platforms, data warehouses, data lakes and other repositories of structure and unstructured data. The data fetched can be helpful in designing content, enhance business intelligence and provides preciseness. Moreover, it helps the Search Engine to fetch the result that it is more appropriate. Since Search Engine are becoming smarter there is no doubt in expecting that these strategies are brilliant as long as these strategies have white-hat techniques for a better ranking in long term. Some of the elements like unique style content, tone of writing, USP are crucial for every business and for that AI helps to creates ads, articles, blogs, summaries and some promotional material using the data being fed on it. As long as the quality of the fed data is good, AI can create campaigns quickly and easily than human.

The increasing use of AI in mobile app development services has revamped the business growth and user engagement. Here is how AI helps the business to:-

  • Collects and stores data by analysing user behaviour
  • Finds precise user’s location and enables the AI mobile app to serve better
  • Generates maximum revenue with user friendly UI.
  • High user engagement with improved involvement

Siri, Cortana, Microsoft etc. are some of the trending tech giants that came with the Ai powered mobile app to change the way how user communicates and have reached the new level of sophistication. It has tremendous potential to increase the reach and increase the app retention. The growth of AI is empowering new possibilities in the software companies and has already started to dominate the app market long before.


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