Are your people Passive Aggressive?. How are they affecting the Customer Experience?.


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Earl Sassers great book The Service Profit chain showed us that ‘happy people (employees) give you happy Customers’. In other words in order to create a great Customer Experience focus on your people first. In so doing you will impact Customer Loyalty and improve Customer retention. Your people are key conduit to these aims. This came to mind as I read an article in Psychology Today.
The Five Levels of Passive Aggressive Behavior

It revealed five levels of passive aggression:

Level 1: Temporary Compliance:

Level 2: Intentional Inefficiency

Level 3: Letting a Problem Escalate.

Level 4: Hidden but Conscious Revenge

Level 5: Self-depreciation,

This raised a few questions for me. What type of employee experience engenders this type of behaviour? What type of leadership? Are you seeing any of these behaviours in your people? It could give you a clue as to your leadership style. More importantly, have you seen these these behaviours in your Customers? If so a redesign of your Customer Experience is critical.


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