Are you planning an online community? 10 principles to follow!


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  1. Set up your communities wherever your target audience is;
  2. Outline and reinforce rules: privacy; spam control, content, etc..
  3. Understand your community maturity phase and deploy the appropriate development strategies;
  4. Running communities is a commitment – allocate enough time and resources to run them;
  5. Set up clear business goals for each community/channel; measure how you are doing against them and adjust your strategies if needed;
  6. Create content strategy for each community/channel and overall integrated content strategy;
  7. Monitor the space – new channels, new tools emerge – make sure you evaluate them and incorporate if it makes sense;
  8. Create community partnership strategies – complimentary communities, engagement model working with them;
  9. Do social networking analysis of your communities to make sure you are building a sustainable community space: right balance of question/answer people, etc…
  10. Rewards, recognitions – find ways to encourage good community behavior: level and quality of contributions, frequency, etc…


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