Are You Valuable and Memorable to Your Customers?


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As I have written about, pretty soon all of us will be in danger of being replaced by an app, a computer, a bot or a drone if we don’t learn how to create exceptional experiences.

In today’s experience economy, the true competitive advantage comes from those who are continually differentiating their experiences.

My question for you is; Are you valuable and memorable to your customers?


Do you mind if I ask your customers?

If you approach every interaction as an opportunity to create delight you will gain a competitive edge.

I think this quote from Tom sums it up nicely.

Click here to view the infographic below:


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  1. This is terrific because it builds in enterprise customer centricity, taking a human approach to customer relationships, employee behavior on behalf of customers (ambassadors), and distinctive, beneficial, and non-commoditized customer experiences. In typical fashion, Tom Peters distills organizational excellence to its basic elements.

  2. Great insight! Today’s economy is very much experience driven and organizations that differentiate themselves by their customer experiences create a significant competitive advantage.

  3. Michael,

    Being customer centric and creating differentiated customer experiences with ambassadors in my mind is the only way.

    Thanks for you insights.


  4. With so much choice out there if you do not set yourself apart from your competition (in a positive way) by the experiences you create, why else would your customers choose you over the others! Plus, it makes me feel good to help others whenever I can!


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