Appreneurship: Have You Heard About It?


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An entrepreneur is a term every individual is in the know of, but have you ever heard of appreneurship? This concept is quite fresh and yes a cutting edge one. Appreneurship is the app business and it’s as challenging as it sounds. In 2017, with the app market at boom with revenue figures highly escalated, the scope is now widespread. Back then, before 6 to 8 years, the app market has been just on its way to development and was not much systematic.


Diving on the optimistic side, back then competition was also not much killing and business was also bit simpler. The app business had a shorter lifespan in its intuitive stage, the reason being running an online business has certain unique roadblocks to tackle like ever-changing mobile application development trends, tracking user behavior, various platforms and so on. This makes the job of appreneur a step higher on the complexity level. Let’s introduce you with some of the pitfalls that come across the way of building an app business. If you are in the league of becoming one of these, scrutinize these challenges to avoid falling for one of them and take the lucrative decision on the way.

1) The idea is never bad, execution is

The initial stage of any app building starts from an app idea. “I have an innovative idea that will change the app industry” frankly recall and tell me, for how many times have you heard this? A plethora of times, haven’t you? If every individual in the league of appreneurship having a cutting edge idea, then why do those apps don’t reach the desired download figures or let’s say why can’t they maintain them? The answer you are searching for is execution. Bad execution leads to app failure, not the bad idea. You would have heard about planning, research, market analysis, strategy formulation, while being an apreneur, implement all of these and make your execution failure proof. Let me tell you one secret, Do you know how to take your download figures to a million? No, right. The secret is, no one knows. No millionaire knows the secret of how to become a millionaire. You have an idea, you start working on it and gradually learn from it. Ideas are free, everyone has it, but the execution is the real challenge where funding, hiring and getting things done are included.

2) Move ahead of time

You know industries shift in seconds and tech is in the top list, but what shifts more rapidly then tech is mobile tech. Matching the pace is a massive roadblock for the appreneurs, they always need to keep one foot on the tech trends and always be in the know how of what moves in the market, when and where and also predict the need of your potential customers. When you are in the tech world, you will always have to work ahead of time to be a perfect opportunist. You have a fabulous idea and by the time you come up with an app, the time is gone and the app is out of trend. You don’t want this right? The key to success lies in not being stubborn, but being flexible and adapt to the mutating environment to not get washed off by the competitor.

3) Cheap app for being snap is delusive

The mobile application development company, applancer’s and cross-platform developers all work for the similar purpose: app development. Well, this seems competition is high which makes the pricing factor also competitive. To combat the survival in cut-throat time, falling for the lower price and developing an app which is not appealing and adequately functional is like a nightmare. If you are scarce of the budget, take some time, explore your sources and raise the funds and come up with a solid app.

4) Being visible is indispensable

The web browser is fantastic when it comes to searching for the things or the websites you have missed out the names. Google is smart and even if you slip out of your mind the actual name, it will give you a list of suggestions to choose from. Well, when it comes to play store, the scenario is entirely contrary. One of the biggest con is that it is a pro with actual discovery when you know what you are looking for. When the user is uncertain about what he’s looking for, there is no list of suggestions of the cool and trendy apps. In such scenario, making the app visible is quite a challenge. Constant investment is to be made to sustain the survival and maintain the growth. This process can prove to be expensive. The resort for this is to start marketing and promoting the apps from the intuitive stage of development only. This will entail you with a fan base right from the moment you enter the app store.


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