And this is how the event wave looks in WordPress blog.


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I’ve got lots of questions and responses to my blog about How to setup up a Googlewave for your event. I used an example wave I was building for the upcoming event: Social Media in HiTech Conference. Just a day or so ago I posted a video that highlighted key design points of the wave.

And … I made a change, actually an addition: each event-related wave needs to have 2 links: to the main event wave and to the event’s registration page.

Below is the wave itself. When you update it here it does update the Googlewave within a Googlewave environment real time.

? Major issue with Google API: You can’t click on the links in the Wave within the blog! – Use the real wave within the GoogleWave environment to navigate!?

Send me your comments/questions!

add_wave(“waveframe-1″,{ bgcolor:”#D8D8D8″, color:”#0950f5″, font:”Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”, font_size:”10″, width:””, height:”600″, server:””, id:”!w+XxNhPBX4C” });


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