Amazingly SHOCKING Customer Experience Stories: Nordstrom sets a Shiny Example!


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Through our Amazingly Shocking Customer Experience stories, we have tried to share shining examples of great customer experience delivered by real companies to real customers. We are on a mission to help our clients create happier customers, and we have shared these amazing stories to not just inspire our growing client base, but also any other company that might read them and wonder – why can’t we do that? why can’t we be the best!?

why can't i be the best

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In our endeavour to bring you the most amazingly shocking customer experience stories, we have come across some of the most inspiring stories that has boosted our motivation in helping our clients deliver great customer experience like Apple, Ritz-Carlton, United Airlines, or Disney. We hope it has had a similar effect on our readers. However, with a heavy heart, we are announcing the end of this series with today’s amazingly shocking customer experience story. A befitting story to end this series, today’s customer experience tale is from one of the most loved retailers – Nordstrom. After reading this story, you’d be convinced why Nordstrom customers never want to shop anywhere else!

Mrs. Lisa McIntire Shaw is a regular customer of Nordstrom. One evening, during one of her many visits to her one stop fashion ­­store, Mrs. Shaw got consumed in trying out clothes and making purchases. When she returned home from Nordstrom, to her utter dismay, she realised that the diamond from her wedding ring was missing! She rushed back to Nordstrom and started looking for the diamond in all the places she picked her clothes from. At the same time, Mr. Eric Wilson, Loss Prevention Manager at the store, was out on his routine rounds when he saw Mrs. Shaw frantically searching for something, and clearly in distress. He walked up to her and offered to help her with the situation.

Even after spending hours searching the store, Mrs. Shaw couldn’t find her diamond and decided to return home. Refusing to give up, Mr. Eric got in touch with 2 workers from the building services team, and together they started to rummage through all the vacuum cleaner bags. They searched through the dust and debris and found something sparkling. They had found the diamond!

“Eric called me and said, Mrs.Shaw, I believe we have something of yours. And my heart just…. leapt!”

When Eric handed over the diamond to her, there was a moment of unbelievable silence followed by tears welling up in her eyes. Eric felt humbled to realise how a ‘small’ effort from his side could have such a huge impact for his customer. Mrs. Shaw exclaimed “I had insurance…it could have been replaced. But to have my diamond back! It meant the world to me!” This act of kindness and customer centric behaviour clearly reflects the values of Nordstrom as a company, and Mrs. Shaw acknowledges the same when she adds, “…This wasn’t a ‘Oh, thank you Mrs. Shaw for shopping with us’, this was, I did this for you because that is who I am as a Nordstrom employee and I value you as a Nordstrom customer. And I am going to go out of my way!”

We can see that she understood what the company’s value system is, which is going the extra mile for their customers, without them talking about it. Yet another observation she made about the company was their togetherness in providing their best customer experience. Mrs. Shaw reflects, “I don’t care what their job is, but all the employees make a difference in the customer experience. Be it the person who polishes the railing or the loss prevention manager or the actual sales person….its top to bottom…its everybody!”

Hats off to Nordstorm for conveying such a message to their customers merely through actions! This is a big deal.
After such a memorable customer experience, Mrs.Shaw confessed, “Its solid! I am locked in! You are not going to lose me.” Here’s an account of the entire story delivered by Mrs. Shaw and Mr. Eric themselves.

Video Source: YouTube Channel of Nordstrom

Such stories are a huge inspiration and motivation for other companies to strive for unforgettable customer experiences. We would love to hear one such jaw dropping customer experience story! Please do speak about them in our comments section below!

Source: Nordstrom: Diamond Story


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