Amazing Statistics that Show why Your Business Needs Instagram


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Instagram is a widely popular social network. In fact, with just over a billion users, it is second only to Facebook in popularity worldwide. The revolutionary photo and video sharing network has become a staple of everyday life for many people, with users posting videos of themselves, their travels, and even their meals in real time. But Instagram isn’t just a tool for networking with friends – it can be incredibly useful for businesses who want to increase their exposure and become more profitable. While social networking may have started as a way for students to share messages and photos with each other from hundreds of miles away – it has evolved into so much more. Today, professional organizations around the world use social networks to advertise, sell products, and increase their overall customer exposure. Any company that isn’t taking advantage of this incredibly useful technology is bound to fall behind the competition. Although it is important to be active on all major social networks, Instagram is the one that has seen some of the most impressive success for businesses in their digital marketing campaigns. Consider some of these impressive stats that show just how important Instagram is in marketing your business.

Over 1 billion users with 500 million daily users

For any company, it is important to reach the largest number of people in order to convert clicks to sales. Not only that, but you should be reaching out to people on a regular basis so that they learn more about your brand daily. With 500 million daily users on Instagram, the possibilities are nearly endless. If your organization is active on the platform, you are increasing the chance that more people will learn about you as your followers share and like your posts. It just makes sense to join the network that is used by more than 10% of the world population.

32% of Teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network

In order to stay ahead of the curve, it is important to look to the younger generations. They will always be more on top of the current trends and can serve as a valuable predictor of what’s next to come. Teenagers love Instagram, and even if your product isn’t geared towards them specifically, their interaction with your brand can help increase your exposure and teach you to use the platform in a profitable manner.

60% of online adults have Instagram

Adults are the ones who will make most of the purchases, so it is vital to have a sound marketing strategy to reach out to them. Since the majority of adults who use the internet have an Instagram account, there’s no better way to maximize your outreach and start gaining new fans. Adults appreciate the less intrusive ads of Instagram and can help in spreading the word about your product by liking and sharing posts that they find helpful.

Instagram users share over 95 million posts every day

This is the stat that should help drive your online marketing strategy, as the key to getting sales is gaining as much exposure as possible. If you can post intriguing or inspiring photos and videos that bring out interest in people, they will be likely to share them with their own followers, helping you to get more eyes on your brand and your products. The beauty of social media is that once you’ve reached one person, they are likely to be linked to similarly minded individuals who will find the same benefits and advantages to your products, helping you gain more customers as you continue to network.

50% of Brands post stories on Instagram every month

Instagram stories are a fantastic way to showcase your product or brand without overtaking a user’s entire feed. These short video clips are straight to the point and can have a profound effect on the viewers. If your videos are entertaining, short, and informative, users will be more likely to follow your brand and interact with your company, often translating to more sales for you. Many companies have found this to be true, which is why so many of them are participating in the increasingly popular Instagram stories feed.

Top brands post just under 5 times every week on Instagram

There’s no shame in mimicking the techniques of the most successful brands in your field, and their Instagram usage is one place to start looking for tips. The top brands are posting almost 5 times every week on Instagram, meaning that they are seeing a major advantage to the constant communication and interaction that the platform provides. These companies have some of the most experienced marketing experts, so they wouldn’t be posting if they weren’t seeing a strong correlation with increased sales. Posting and getting video views is easy, allowing you an economical way to potentially increase your customer base.

Posts are shared over 95 million times a day

Instagram has one of the highest share ratios, and this is huge if you want your brand to find its way to more people. While old-school advertisements aren’t as popular as they once were, funny, intriguing, and unique videos will be shared even if they are promotional. Fans of your company will share your videos and photos if they like them, helping you to gain exposure to like-minded followers who might just become loyal customers with the click of a button. Sales is a number game, and you have to reach out to the largest number of people if you want to convert clicks to profits.

30% of regular Instagram users have made purchases on the platform

People who have never heard of your brand might just be interested enough to make a purchase after they see you on Instagram. With such a large number of people using the platform for purchases, there’s no reason not to get involved. You might just find your newest customer by reaching out to them on Instagram.

As you can see from these interesting statistics, Instagram is without a doubt an essential part of any business and if you’re neglecting Instagram – you’re leaving money on the table. So do yourself a favor, from now on, start taking Instagram seriously!

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