Actionable Tips to boost your E-commerce Store Sales


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Actionable Tips to boost your E-commerce Store Sales

The online selling platform is not a much old concept. In 2014, online sales were accounted for merely 1.6 percent of retail sales. Just after a decade and a few years more, the online retail sales rose upto 57 percent of retail sales for the whole year. Since 2000, Ecommerce has a long way to go. The core reason behind the huge uprise in the deft utilization of technical tools and IT-based marketing maneuvers. Along with giant ecommerce websites such as Amazon, and Walmart, there is many ecommerce websites working over the market.

The offline market is blurring out and shrinking its periphery while kneeling against online sales. However, the blind race always leads to high competition, therefore a huge uprise in the demand to hire top ecommerce developer. So is the case with ecommerce websites. Often business owners build their ecommerce websites and do not get desired outcomes. If your website suffers from low ranking, no conversion or poor sales, it is the time to think about the marketing tactics. Ecommerce marketing includes innovative ideas and improving brand visibility for attracting more and more visitors. Here we have listed a few actionable tips to boost the ecommerce store sales.

Focus on organic visits:

The basic start for search engine marketing is to focus on Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and other similar search engines. Google is the largest source of online traffic. It shares 92.85 percent of the online traffic. Therefore, the marketing strategies heavily depend upon Google regulars.

Increase organic visits:

Search Engine Optimization is essential as it tells the search engines, which product page is valuable to consumers and which is not? The SEO tactics help search engines understand the purpose of your page. The key is to generate attractive content and offering the user what he is looking for. If your product and content are more valuable than the competitor is, the more traffic you generate, resulting in the higher ranks.

Google works upon several algorithms to rank the pages. The search engine just delivers the most relevant result to the user, therefore, it also takes the help of other external references. External links work as a reputation builder for your website, and if your page has the valuable content and can answer the queries of user, getting external references are not that tough. Google also works with the sponsored results and the sponsored advertising is a recommended medium to get more customers. Still, the most permanent results come from Search Engine Optimization and huge companies work for it despite huge ads running in parallel.
For ecommerce stores, it is recommended to prioritize the SEO strategies in their marketing efforts.

Get paid results from search engine:

All search engines also leverage user with some paid and sponsored services. Top ecommerce development companies use this service known as Pay per click service. You need to choose the search engine based on your users, find some relevant keywords, and set some budget. Your website name appears above the organic results. This lest you get the positive results without the significant time investment. Here you are charged based on per-user click, once your users click over the ad, you will be charged for that. PPC is known as the bypass method to gain traffic without many efforts over SEO.

Paid ad results depend on the amount you are willing to pay for per clicks and the competition you are facing for the keywords and products. Make a proper strategy to specify keywords and identify the audience.

Wishlists have high conversion ratios:

Developing the platform is not enough. When hiring a top ecommerce developer, you must also discuss the salient features. Usually, customers visit ecommerce websites and save the items in their wish list for purchase later. Most of the times wishlist does not get the conversion. Wishlist is the most powerful method to know customer demands. Working over the demands and offering similar products can attract customers again to your online portal. Reactivate the forgotten items is easy by sending emails to users and you can get the high conversion potential if the same products are delivered again with few incentives and any discount offer. It can help the customer to purchase the product again.

Also, for new customers, it is important to offer several discounts. Creating several discounts and exclusive offers generate the feeling of exclusivity and improve the chances of converting a visit into sales. Entice the audience to start the wishlist and stick some discount coupons to push them for sales.

Send Push notifications:

Push notifications are the most useful method to call users to your website. Offering short messages and providing users with relevant discount updates can be used to attract old customers. Driving huge traffic is not possible for any single method. Therefore, notifications are used as the point of communication between users and sellers. According to market research, the conversion rate for push notifications is 50 percent greater than the emails. Also, the click rates are twice higher than the emails for top ecommerce development companies. Alongside this, you should implement some marketing strategy and use them along with the push notification to bring more customers.

Track the time when the traffic is high and analyze the activities of your customers. You can use the information for developing the push notification. Push notifications are a good way to remind your customers, but never make the rookie mistake of spamming users with notifications. Annoying users can drive away from the consumer.

Optimize the ecommerce website:

Optimize your website for different platforms. The user tends to surf the internet over smartphones and smartphones work over many backgrounds. The user expects your website to work well regardless of the mobile phone platforms. Always keep track of your website performance and do not forget to take feedback from users.

Offer the personalization:

The user likes it when he finds the relevant items on the front page. With using the User behavioral data, you can personalize the ecommerce websites and gain an advantage over other competitors.

Display Advertising:

Google enabled display advertising attracts the customer. The tool displays the relevant result to the user search. A user looking for the gym accessories is also likely to purchase gym clothing as well.


There are many marketing techniques, which can help ecommerce websites in growing faster. Above are a few important tips, which can be worked over for gaining traffic. Google has 200 criteria to rank the websites and it is advisable to stay updated with the Google updates. Simply focus over making things easier for the customer and this is the only way to woo the users. Also, try not to annoy customers with frequent messages.

Sagar Chaturvedi
Sagar Chaturvedi is your go-to-tech person who manages your end-to-end eCommerce, complete app and web development with the latest technologies like blockchain, AR, VR, IoT, POS, and so much more. In 2016, he started his work as Arthonsys Technologies’s CTO and successfully accomplished numerous projects in the last four years. He adheres to good communication and team building so that he can deliver the optimal quality results.


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