A Team Needs a Purpose


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A team needs a purpose, a raison d’être, an objective.

Without a purpose it isn’t really a team, just a bunch of people.

If you agree, then it seems reasonable that the clearer that purpose, the stronger the teamwork.

Is it clear what the purpose of your team is?

  • Is it memorable?
  • Can you write it down?
  • Can your team write it down?
  • Or is it management fluff?
  • Do you know how well you have done?
  • Can you measure how you are doing?
  • Do you discuss progress?
  • Honestly, with your team (not just your boss)?
  • Do you talk with your team about how you could meet your purpose better?
  • And then do something about it?
  • Who decided what that purpose is?
  • Does it support the teams around you?
  • And the whole organisation?

Lots of questions

All of them obvious. But can you answer them?

If you can’t then you may be managing people but without a purpose you can’t be managing a team.

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