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6 Questions to Assess Your Contact Center’s Readiness to Identify Customer-Impacting Issues

A customer contacts us with an apparent product issue. With a bit of digging, we discover a larger bug or problem that may need...

Build Effective Buyer-Driven Experiences Using Intelligence and Sales Enablement

I recently presented a webinar on Putting the Buyer Back in Your B2B Marketing Strategy. As I spoke about how B2B buyers have changed...

Using Lifetime Value of a Customer in a CX Business Case: 4 Steps to Make the CFO Your Friend!

Carl Sewell, the wildly successful Houston Cadillac/Lexus, coined the term, "lifetime value of a customer" (LVC) in his book Customers For Life in 1990....

Knowledge Graphs, a Tool to Support Successful Digital Transformation Programs

Knowledge graphs are pretty hot these days. While this class of technology is getting a lot of market and vendor attention these days, it...

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Is it loyalty?

When brands think that Customers are loyal to them, I think they’re kind of kidding themselves…especially when they’re trying to do things like make ease-of-use or low-pricing their calling cards.

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