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Chief Customer Officers Can Stop Shrinkflation and Skimpflation

Chief Customer Officers are stewards of customer value. This means you're responsible for ongoing growth of value to your customers as well as value...

6 Questions to Assess Your Contact Center’s Readiness to Identify Customer-Impacting Issues

A customer contacts us with an apparent product issue. With a bit of digging, we discover a larger bug or problem that may need...

Build Effective Buyer-Driven Experiences Using Intelligence and Sales Enablement

I recently presented a webinar on Putting the Buyer Back in Your B2B Marketing Strategy. As I spoke about how B2B buyers have changed...

Using Lifetime Value of a Customer in a CX Business Case: 4 Steps to Make the CFO Your Friend!

Carl Sewell, the wildly successful Houston Cadillac/Lexus, coined the term, "lifetime value of a customer" (LVC) in his book Customers For Life in 1990....

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Is it loyalty?

When brands think that Customers are loyal to them, I think they’re kind of kidding themselves…especially when they’re trying to do things like make ease-of-use or low-pricing their calling cards.

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