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How to Build Momentum with B2B Buyer-Driven Experiences

The mandate for B2B marketers is to successfully deliver buyer-driven experiences (BDXs) as self-service encounters. If the experiences you're providing are not -- or...

Your Contact Center Monitoring and Coaching May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Discard the illusion of fairness and actionability of the "random sample of 10 cases!" When I interview contact center supervisors and managers to explore their...

The Coming Tsunami of Need — Knowledge Management for Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge management has had a bad rap. For the past few decades, it has gone through cycles of popularity after being introduced in the...

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success — Three Revenue Teams, One Customer Experience

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams each have their own personality and culture. Differences between these three revenue teams can be a strength or...

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Don’t leave that seat empty

There’s an old anecdote that certain customer-centric companies are “so dedicated” to their customers that they leave an empty chair at the table in the meeting room. What a waste of a seat!

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