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Generative AI: What’s Next and How to Get the Payoff

Do you know what is the application with the fastest-growing user base ever? Hint: it is not TikTok. This social media phenomenon was relegated to...

Chief Customer Officer Strategy: Dispensable Playbook or Most Valuable Player?

Chief Customer Officer strategy varies widely, with a mix of defense and offense playbooks. Defensive plays in customer experience management (CXM) are in Service,...

Should Companies Take a Stand on Social Issues?

As the world becomes more socially conscious and politically active, many brands are taking up the cause and showing their support for various social justice movements. But can championing a social cause become counter-productive and damage profitability?

For “Rational” CX, Focus on How Your Customers FEEL

My first brush with what was then called customer satisfaction was with a mega B2B firm in financial services. Both the CEO and...

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