9 Business Growth Hacking Tips You Need to Know in 2018


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Starting a business and running it successfully is a lot different from the way it used to be in the past. In fact, the perception of business growth has changed over the years and so has the techniques. Ever since business has gone online, it has opened many new doors for businesses.

Over the years, many new Business Growth Hacks have been explored. Some of these hacks have proved to be pretty powerful. In this post we are going to share the best 9 Business Growth Hacking Tips You Need to Know in 2018

1) CRM Automation

Most of us are pretty aware that manual processes consume much time. Also, there is a huge possibility of errors in manual processes. CRM Automation can help entrepreneurs break out of this limitation to a large extent. It comprises imported information, advanced schedules and of course, compiling of relevant data.

In fact, telling the system to group information together by prospect can be pretty effective. It can offer a comprehensive picture to the salespeople. This will help them spot both the strengths and weaknesses of their strategies. Also, this will help them personalize first calls.

2) Content Marketing

Content marketing costs lesser than traditional marketing. Also, it is effective in producing more leads than traditional marketing. In fact, most small businesses focus on content marketing for their business growth.

A blog on your site can engage your customers to a large extent with relevant and useful contents. Also, it helps a business introduce itself as an expert in one’s industry. This helps in building an amazing relationship with the customers.

3) Google and Facebook Customer-Retargeting

A recent study shows an average customer visits a website many times before buying its product. This is where retargeting can be handy. In fact, Retargeting is an effective technique to increase sales. It can help you in getting those purchases that you might have otherwise missed out on. So, how does it actually work?

It involves a pixel that one may add to one’s website. This, in turn, can help you show targeted ads to the users that have already visited your website. In fact, it shows the targeted ads even when the visitors are browsing on other sites. This is done with a view to encouraging them to return to your website.

4) Reviews & Testimonials

One of the most common examples of it is choosing an app on the Google Play Store. Customers depend a lot on the reviews of the other customers for anything they plan to buy or choose online. This helps customers to decide whether they should download a certain app.

Hence, positive reviews on a website can be pretty powerful. They helping businesses win the confidence of the customers. This will, of course, lead to an amazing increase in the sales.

5) Email Marketing

We can break Email Marketing into two parts for a clear understanding. One is collecting email addresses using various subscription forms. The next is, of course, sending appropriate newsletters based on these users’ interest.

Creating an email list is one of the most basic yet effective strategies for any business. You can use various free services such as Google forms, MailChimp and more to create Subscription forms or contact forms. This can direct a lot of users to your website and increase your sales too.

6) Business Plan Writer

Hiring a business plan writer is probably the wisest thing one can do about one’s business growth. Isn’t it wise to have a plan to follow than going on without one? Furthermore, a business plan writer writes a business plan from an objective perspective. This eventually magnifies many errors and help one rectify them in time. In simple words, a business plan helps a business in many aspects.

It helps business in reducing business risks and acclimatizing fast to the adverse situations. Also, it helps businesses capitalize on every single opportunity that comes its way. Many consider it to be one of the most important requisites for business growth.

7) Discount & Offers

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like saving money on the things one purchases. In fact, customers feel pretty happy and lucky each time they get a chance to buy an item at a price lower than its actual price. How one offers a discount to one’s customers also plays a key role in impressing the customers.

Some websites offer a discount at the checkout. In fact, this has proved to be a pretty powerful strategy to impress the customers. Hence, apart from having discounts and offers, one must also strive to present the discount and offers in the most fascinating way.

8) Customer Service

No business is complete without a proper Customer Service. A knowledgeable and friendly customer support can help your business to a large extent. It helps in building an amazing relationship with the customers with round the clock assistance via email, chat, phone, and tickets. It is important to respond to the queries and issues of the customers in no time.

This gives them an amazing experience and makes them realize as to how much your business values them. Also, using chatbots can be pretty effective in this regards. Using Chat-bots, you can ensure that customers find the right support always by their side.

9) Encourage Sharing

Encouraging Sharing has proved to be a very powerful strategy over the years. In fact, a lot of blogs and websites use several social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest nowadays. This can encourage the users to share the content with their friends.

Another powerful way of encouraging Sharing is providing the users with referral programs. With referral programs, they could earn a certain amount of free benefit which is of course, quite encouraging too.

The Bottom Line

Growth is an essential part of every business. In fact, every other thing revolves around this very factor. A business will continue to fail in catching the attention of the people unless you give its growth a good thought.

Hopefully, the 9 business growth hacks that we shared in this post will help you put your business on the right track for a stunning business growth.


  1. Hi,
    These 9 hacks are evergreen – by what I mean is they will be applicable now and few years later also with few modifications. However, I would like to add is the “budget factor” this especially is true for beginners and intermediates entrepreneurs who in the jest of moment go over and beyond their targeted budget for marketing and promotional activities. I believe that more or less every business person should increase the share of investment for a better content (as majority of the mediums are suffering from content saturation) and its relative promotion on social platforms, but it doesn’t has to have a big dent on finance. Thanks for sharing these hacks.

  2. Brilliant post about the most effective methods that have proven to help businesses grow. I personally have used each of these to help my businesses flourish and I am pleasantly surprised to see them all in one clear and concise post. A must read for any entrepreneur, thank you!


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