6 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Realtors and Homeowners


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If you are in the real estate industry for long, you might have noticed the transformation in the past few decades. Imagine how much time you had to waste in order to search for the properties and visit them in person. Now the things have changed drastically and without moving from your couch, you can explore properties available for sale and on rent.

When talking about technology, Augmented Reality is the major disruptor in the real estate industry, where buyers and sellers can take maximum advantage of it. For instance, if you have stumbled upon a JVC apartment for sale, that suits your budget, but don’t know how it would look like when living in it. Augmented reality comes to rescue and allows you to take have a sneak peek into the property. First, have a look at some of the statistics revealing the importance of Augmented Reality in today’s corporate world. Let’s have a breakthrough.

• Nearly half of Americans are using augmented reality without realizing it. (Source: GearBrain)
• 70% of consumers believe AR can help them learn new personal and professional skills. (Source: ISACA)
• By 2020, there should be 1 billion augmented reality users. (Source: New Gen Apps)
• Augmented reality users fall into the 16-34 age group. (Source: GlobalWebIndex)
• AR revenues will surpass VR revenues by 2020 (Source: Digi-Capital)
• 67% of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns. (Source: Vibrant Media)
In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Augmented Reality apps used in real estate. Let’s have a look at it.

Real Estate App

Real Estate App is a demo Augmented Reality App with a focus on the real estate market. With the help of AR technology, it is now easy for you to display a 3D model of any property to the buyer and potential customers. Moreover, the app also allows you to visualize 3D models in the real world. Make sure to install Real Estate App and experience the AR world to increase the chances of selling your property successfully.

Simply install the app on your device and choose the object from the library. Point your device’s camera on the floor and once it is detected you will see a red marker. Place the items from the library by touching the anchor button to place the object at a given place. The AR app is simple to use with a user-friendly interface and easy to use features.


If you have purchased a new house or need to design your future home, the first thing that comes in mind is furnishing. Choosing the best furniture for your home is no more difficult as Curate app gives you an immersive AR experience.

The app is devised for homebuyers, real estate agents and renters to visualize the property better. With this app, you can see how furniture or décor will look like and fit your requirements. Simply choose the products you love and tap to purchase them on retailer’s websites. In fact, the app is very useful as it eliminates the gap between realtor and buyer by taking virtual staging into the house itself through AR.

Realar Places

Whether you are buying a new property or building your own, Realar is one of the best AR apps for real estate agents. With this app, you can transform any 2D floor plan into a 1:1 AR walkthrough. Can’t imagine how your new home would look and feel like, then Realar Places is a must install the app on your device.

Moreover, it will help you to remove all the guesswork and visualize the property without doing much. In addition, it also allows you to reimagine your new home in a particular location. If you are a realtor, it will help you to develop confidence in your buyers and let them choose wisely. One of the best things about this app is that you don’t need to buy additional hardware.


After you have purchased a new home, the next thing is to find the right furniture and décor to transform your property into a living space. iStaging offers you all kinds of tools to design your interiors right from your smartphone or tablet. Dive into the world of AR, VR and 3D technology with iStaging and choose perfect settings for your living place. It is similar to trying out new clothes in AR that helps you to make your purchase decision.

Now you don’t have to worry about what furniture will fit in your living space and how it will look like. With the help of AR technology, you will get the live preview of furniture in your bedroom, office, living room and bathroom. Try out this app and make wise decisions before wasting your money on something that does not suit your room.

Focuz Augmented Reality

Focuz is an augmented reality app that is used to visualize the computer-generated videos, images, and graphics into a real-world environment. The app is a product of Calydon Tech Solutions that has helped several industries like an automobile, print media, FMCG and entertainment to increase the revenue and influence the customers through their augmented reality app.

Lyon Real Estate App

If you are serious about real estate business, Lyon Real Estate App is here to help you find a wide range of different search options and filters. The app allows you to search for homes on the go without doing much.
The app is really simple to use and without having any technical knowledge you can use the app just like any other apps. Simply hold the device and start exploring different areas. Objects you look at will be overlaid on camera’s display offering additional interactive information and content.

Moreover, Lyon Real Estate App helps you to synchronize your an account with lyon.com to help you access saved data on your device as well as on the website.

Final Verdict

If you are serious in real estate business, make sure to harness the power of Augmented Reality, not only to facilitate buyers but also to help you grow revenue.


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