5 Ways Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Revolutionizing Magento Sites


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Magento development services are no longer a traditional concept. It is revolutionizing at its peak. The masterstroke was when Adobe made the general announcement of the release of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio. It authorized the developers to get the best of mobile apps and native apps simultaneously. The differentiation is quite hard between the Magento PWA & those native mobile apps.

But the question remains unanswered: In what ways Progressive Web Apps are revolutionizing Magento sites? Here we have discussed those ways wherein PWA when combined with Magento can be a boon to the e-Commerce business. So, let us read the 5 best ways of using PWA with Magento sites for Magento development.

Top 5 Ways Progressive Web Apps Boosting Magento Sites

Before jumping upon the ways, we should 1st understand what Progressive Web Apps are? How are they utilized? and after this how it can boost Magento sites? So without much ado, let’s get down to the PWA Studio.
Progressive Web Applications are such tools or web apps that facilitate advanced features giving app-like experience. In a simpler format, this is an amalgamation of web pages and native apps.

  • It loads in the browser
  • It behaves just a normal website
  • You can use it as an application if you want

Why PWA Is Required? What is Utilization of PWA?

It gives a very settled platform to work upon. There are many features that developers enjoy subsuming PWA & Magento. So, here is a quick look at the utilization of PWA:

  • Ability to work offline
  • No need to go to play store or app store
  • No play store or app store submission required
  • Looks quite similar to native mobile apps
  • Faster performance
  • Cheaper than building native apps
  • Higher conversion rates

What Are the Best Ways of Boosting Magento Sites with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

5 Ways Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Revolutionizing Magento Sites
Now, comes the benefits of merging the Magento sites into PWA. There are several benefits but here we are going to discuss only 5 benefits of PWA that revolutionize the Magento sites.

Online Store with App-Like Experience

Now merging the PWA with Magento gives the 1st benefit of constructing online stores that are capable of delivering the same environment as on mobile apps. It can be easily usable and discoverable via a web browser. So the user needs not to install the app on their mobile phones.
Moreover, users can operate it into Full-Screen Mode, hiring the URL bar in the top and navigation tools at the bottom. Thus, it gives the same results and feels as the native app does.
By taking advantage of PWA, the developer can put the best UI/UX designs which can lead to a whole new seamless user experience of the store. Also, the customer enjoys the new working scenario and feels more comfortable using the PWA rather than the typical mobile applications.
Interaction becomes more convenient using Progressive Web Apps. web pages generally take a few minutes or seconds to respond and it is natural. While using PWA, the user will face this glitch for the very first time. After this, it will be so soft working.

Rapid Re-Engagement

Re-engagement of the users is possible through Progressive App Development. As predicted, it can be added to the home screen but can not be installed. As a result, it gives complete access to the Magento stores, you need not type the URL and launch the browser for the same.
Magento also supports push notification and if merged with PWA then it can enhance the engagement up to 88%. All this can turn the table to huge user engagement than before.

Streamline Payments

High user engagement, client-friendly designs, and a better user interface can lead to successful payments. The subsuming of Magento with PWA integrates Pay Pal, Signifyd and Braintree kind of payment modes. Simultaneously, you can synchronize order and payment details more efficiently.

Easy Access

With the sync of Magento & PWA on board, the user needs to open the stores on web browsers. Instead, they can directly approach the stores from the home screen of their cell phones. It will ensure more security of the customers’ payment details. Also, the payment procedure is easier than before.

Safer Online Shopping Experience

Magento PWA offers a wide variety of Security Features. It includes Google reCaptcha and Google Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This prevents backward hacking of account details and other information. Similarly, they use HTTP connections and layer securities which makes any hacker get into trouble while intruding.

These features make any Magento PWA website a good creation and most successful. These technologies also guarantee a secure shopping experience. There is a popular extension named as Mageplaza’s Google reCaptcha, it protects your shopping experience from spam and bots. This will ensure your valuable things should not get stolen and hacked.

Although the list of Progressive Web Apps revolutionizing Magento sites is quite long, these are some of the common features which should get discussed on priority while discussing the Magento PWA Studio.


From small shop vendors to big retail stores, each and everybody wants their customers to get more engaged with their business. This is also good, as the client will not be exploited and advancements in technologies will be called up to gain those revenue and customer satisfaction.
This way only Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are Boosting Magento Sites to engage more clients, grow the business more significantly, earning client trust, advanced business skills, etc. Customizations, utilization, and creativity of the developers are leading the PWA Magento Studio trending in the technology market.

This is why the developers are now asked to create platforms that are Magento PWA supported or they have to create websites that are suitable to Progressive Web Apps with Magento sites. Speed, easy user interface, security, amazing designing, faster checkout options, etc. are some of the random features associated with PWA Magento Sites. Apart from this, sites become more SEO friendly, offline working, push notifications, easy accessibility, cost-effective advantages, etc. Users must opt for Magento PWA Studio and ask their developers to obtain such sites.


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