5 Tech Industry Videos That Will Inspire You


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Video marketing is the new age branding and promotion technique for industries which helps in better networking and connection. A good quality, informative, and engaging video is an easy way to reach the maximum audience. Wonder why videos create such an impact? The videos capture the emotions of billions of people with the story element. Videos, through animation, helps in the smooth flow of information explaining the technology. The videos are visual narrative which makes a positive impact. Most of the tech companies have started using video for promoting their products and services.

The videos are more engaging as it helps in explaining complicated things in the easiest possible manner. Services or products are described in just a few minutes. The technology process is integrated into a video with the help of a slideshow maker with music. A video gives an open hand to brew creativity and the flow of information. Indeed, a video can completely transform a brand, connect with the audience, and increase sales.

Five Categories of Videos for Tech Companies

Videos can be of different categories depending on the industry and information it wants to deliver. While some videos are plain informative describing the function of a product, other videos might be introducing a new product or service. Here are some types of videos which tech brands most use to engage the audience:

Introductory Branding Video: These types of videos are essential for the tech industry to introduce their company and services to their target audience. This helps in connecting better to the new audience and reaching out to more people. It helps in shedding a positive light on the brand talking about the core values, missions, and highlighting what makes them different.

For example – If there is a tech company that deals with recycled products, the word recycle in the video creates a positive influence on people.

Advertising the Product or Service: These are videos which promote produce or service for commercial purpose with an intuitive and robust storyline. The video is used for advertisements on television or internet platforms for reaching out to maximum people. Most mobile phones or mobile network companies use an emotional story showing how their service or product bridges the gap. Such video concepts with an excellent short story help to connect better with the mass audience.

The anticipation is best created by launching a teaser or promo for a product or service before its actual launch.

For example, the official promo or teaser for every new iPhone has managed to create a considerable stir even before its actual release. In most of the promo videos, the tech companies highlight some features and continue to keep the product mystery without releasing full details. This helps in attracting more consumers for the product.

Explanatory Videos: These videos are essential for the tech industry as it helps in the breakdown of complex topics through a simplified explanation. These types of videos are pivotal for the tech industry and mostly demonstrate how to use a product. Be it syncing the product to different connections or using features of a product like a camera or assembling a product; these videos simplify the understanding by creating step by step guide. The video guides are created and edited using professional video editing software.

Review Videos: The testimonials and reviews of a product and service are essential for its increasing consumer base. The higher the positive reviews, the better is the sales of the product. A testimonial video helps in giving reviews about the product and hence plays a pivotal role in increasing the consumer base. It is in the nature of the general public to check reviews and watch testimonial videos before purchasing a product. When a product or service has positive testimony, the chances of it being sold is high. Most of the tech companies even send their products to tech experts for review and testimony and create a video for the same. This helps in gaining more consumer trust.

Filming an Event: While addressing an event or attending one, it is best to create a video of the event and post it on the official site. This includes videotaping different events like interviews, talking about the product launch, answering Q & A, addressing a conference as a keynote speaker or panel discussion participation. The better one represents the product or service during events; the higher is the ability to inspire a larger audience to purchase and invest in it.

How to Create Engaging Tech Videos?

The tech video requires the incorporation of different elements to keep it engaging and informative. Some tech companies have done excellent in creating a video that is helpful and connects people. Here are some ways to create incredible videos for a tech service or product:

  • Create a video that compiles the list of all the features and how to benefit from it. An example of the same is a brand video created by HubSpot – which details the core benefits of using it as a CRM platform. This helps in branding as well as creating value.
  • Strong stories trigger emotions, and concept videos help in connecting to more customers. An example is a video created by Spotify centered around the concept – “Music for every mood”. The video delivers a story circling different music genres for different moods. This helps in positive marketing.
  • Use an invitation maker to invite participants from the audience for a contest through a video. Announce the contest rules and how winners can win an exclusive product or service. This will encourage participation and marketing.
  • An example of a perfect industry video is by code.org, which brings together all the faces behind the big tech giants together weaving an emotional content. The video is all about learning to code, and how it can impact the world, how it affected their lives and revolutionized it.


Videos are a great way to market a tech product and have benefited most of the tech industries. The branding or marketing videos help in better engagement and networking with the consumer. A visually-receptive audience dominates the technology industry. The videos are a great way to attract attention and share information with people.


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