5 Ecommerce Clothing Store Tips to Win More Customers


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Ecommerce Clothing Store Tips to Win More Customers

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Let’s face it, creating an online store has its quirks. Many people think that all e-commerce businesses are started the same way.

However, this is not the case as e-commerce businesses in different sectors are started differently. This is because of the stiff competition in the e-commerce world and the fact that the management of a wide range of products, brands, and sizes is difficult.

If you want to start your online clothing store on the right foot, read on to find out how you can do so.

Tips for Starting Off Your Online Clothing Store on The Right Foot

1. Identify Your Target Audience

If you want to sell any product or service, you have to know your target audience. This is because you need to know how your potential customer thinks to market your product or service effectively.

When you know the needs of your customers, it will be easier for you to show them how the product can meet their needs. Here are two examples to help you understand this better:

Doña Carmen is an infant clothing store that specializes in selling baby clothes. How can it market its products? Will it use a dark or black background and aggressive or direct language to market their products? Of course not.

Flip Flop and Fangs is a clothing store that specializes in selling teenage clothing. The language that will be used by Flip Flop and Fangs should speak the language of teenagers to attract potential buyers.

Informative content is also well worth creating. The Orthotic Shop sells specialist Orthotic shoes. About 18 months ago they decided to blog about their products with the aim of providing customers with the chance to educate themselves about orthotics and make an informed purchase.

This increased their traffic and conversions notably. Remember, you need to speak the language of your target audience to market your products effectively.

2. Be Careful with Your Online Clothing Store Structure

Knowing how to organize your products in different categories when starting your online clothing business can be difficult.

It is a good idea to categorize clothes according to the type, age, materials, the brand of the clothes and so on instead of categorizing them as women’s and men’s clothes.

It is important to ensure that you organize clothes well as this will make it easy for your customers to find the clothes they are looking for.

Let people find what they are looking for in 2 clicks instead of in 3 clicks. Here are two examples to help you understand this point:

Undefeated, a clothing store that specializes in sports clothing, categorizes their products in categories like “summer” or “new arrivals”. These categories are further divided into subcategories according to the brand or type of clothes.

Buylevard uses another system to categorize their clothes. First of all, it categorizes clothes according to gender, which is men’s and women’s clothes. The clothes are then categorized according to their type, brands, looks, and trends.

3. Consider Using an Internal Search Engine

An internal search engine such as Doofinder can make it easy for your customers to find what you are selling.

Doofinder can help users find products they are looking for within the shortest time possible. Such an internal search engine will make it easy for you to sell your products.

4. Build Customer Loyalty

It is usually easier to sell to a person who has bought your products before than to a person who has never bought your products. Many shops make a mistake of focusing too much on attracting new clients and not enough on the customers they have.

What they don’t know is that it is more profitable to have loyal customers who are satisfied with their products. If you don’t know how to create customer loyalty, this post will help you know how to do it in the best way possible.

5. Create Visually Appealing Product Cards

Attractive product cards can help you increase your product sales.

When it comes to creating irresistible product cards, you need to focus on two things: text descriptions and photos.

If possible, have photos of a person posing with the clothes you are selling on your product cards. It is a good idea to take many photos from different angles and try to display a detailed close up so that people can see the texture of the clothes.

To get an idea of how photos to be included on a product card should be taken, check Net a Porter.

If you want to make your text description more effective, explain how the item feels like when a person puts it on and when it should be worn. This is better than giving basic characteristics of the item.

Unfortunately, most of the shops out there have not managed to take full advantage of product cards.

As such, taking full advantage of product cards by applying the things we have just mentioned can help you stand out from your competition.

Hassan Mansoor
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