4 Ways Mobile Apps Can Benefit Nonprofit Organizations


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Fundraising and communication are the two core functions of every nonprofit organization. Unlike their counterparts in sectors like real estate, retail, and healthcare who embraced mobile applications in the wake of the industry-wide digital shift, nonprofit companies kept off from adopting mobile and mobile apps due to some apprehensions.

iOS App Development

However, as the old adage goes – change is the only constant, nonprofit organizations have begun pursuing quality development services for building iOS apps. In this article, we will discover top four benefits of iOS app development for nonprofit organizations.

Apple Lifted its 7-YO Ban on Fundraising Apps:
Apple has now authorized the use of Apple Pay for creating iOS based fundraising applications and accepting donations. The company uplifted its seven-year-old ban on fundraising apps a year ago. This poses a great opportunity for fundraising organizations to reach out to a global audience while ensuring the success of their non-for-profit campaigns.

Increasing Use of Mobile Apps:
According to a comScore Global Mobile Report 2017, mobile applications account for 80 percent of the total mobile time spent by the smartphone users. Plus iOS has a massive user base in countries like USA, UK, and Canada. IF you are looking to get your nonprofit causes resonated in these locations, it is time you consider building an iOS app of your own.

The Extraordinaries and CauseWorld are two of the best examples of nonprofit apps done right. CauseWorld is a widely popular nonprofit organization empowering other nonprofits to achieve numerous milestones. Until 2010, CauseWorld provided 2.72 million meals to people in the US, served many in the drought-affected areas in underdeveloped and developing countries through Children’s Safe Drinking Water with 27 million liters of clean water, and planted nearly 74,000 trees.

More Chatbot Options for iOS App Users:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots are the trending technologies. Many enterprises have incorporated chatbots into their existing apps and systems to drive and improve user engagement on iOS devices. In addition, Apple provides with more chatbot options than ever. From the ready-to-use chatbots such as Facebook Messenger bot, Chatterbot, Telegram bot, Luka, Virtual Talk and many others, you can choose the one that suits your app and business requirements and integrate it with your iOS application.

Enhanced Support via iOS Proprietary Apps:
Leveraging proprietary apps (apps like Siri, Maps, and Messages) enable you to deliver more native app experiences to your volunteers and donors. iOS apps such as Apple Pay and Spotlight further enhance the user experience ensuring a greater conversion and engagement ratio.

To conclude, every business is taking advantage of iOS mobile app development to expand their outreach and achieve a competitive edge. From quality to integrity and flexibility to scalability, iOS provides everything you would require to build a feature-rich, engaging mobile app. It will not only help your nonprofit enterprise drive your causes digitally but also ensure its success around the globe. All you need to do is get in touch with a reliable mobile app development company like Rishabh Software to transform your non-for-profit idea into a reality.

Do you know of any successful iOS-based nonprofit applications? Let us know about them using the comment section below.


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