17 question quiz to improve your leadership and coaching in 2017


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Here’s a fun questionnaire to use with your leadership team to identify opportunities to grow as an OutFront Leader and Coach in 2017.

1. Do you begin your day with a positive attitude? One where you plan to succeed?

Most days – 2 points

Some days – 1 point

No and I don’t care – 0 points

2. Do you have a written plan each month/week to make certain you achieve your goals? 

Yes – 2 points

Most of the time – 1 point

No, I just hope for the best – 0 points

3. Do you regularly praise your staff? 

I do. I really do! – 2 points

I probably think about it more than I do it. – 1 point

I have to talk to my employees? – 0 points

4. Do you recognize employees in front of their peers? 

Yes, and they appreciate it – 2 points

Sometimes – 1 point

Everybody knows what everyone looks like so why bother – 0 points

5. Do you regularly thank your staff?

Always – 2 points

Most of the time – 1 point

Yes, if they bring me coffee – 0 point

6. Do your employees feel like you’re a good coach and that you have their best interests at heart?

Yes – 2 points

Some of them do – 1 point

I have to coach them, too? – 0 points

7. Do you model expected behaviors as you work alongside your staff?

Almost always – 2 points

I try – 1 point

Do I look like a model? – 0 point

8. Do you regularly meet with your staff and discuss their development?

Every month (or so) like clockwork – 2 points

Pretty regularly – 1 point

Sure, if you count hanging out in the breakroom together – 0 points

9. Do you regularly meet with someone to discuss your development?

I make an effort – 2 points

It might happen from time to time – 1 point

I get plenty of feedback from my spouse – 0 points

10. Would you be proud to have every member of your team wait on your best customer?

Absolutely – 2 points

I hope so – 1 point

You’ve got to be kidding – 0 points

11. Do you constantly remind your employees what actions they take need to take to deliver a great experience and make a sale?

Like clockwork – 2 points

Yes, but could do more – 1 point

What actions are you talking about? – 0 points

12. Are you happy doing what you’re doing?

Love it – 2 points

Most days – 1 point

You know where I can get a job? – 0 points

13. If you are out sick for the next 90 days, do you have someone who can step into your role?

Yes – 2 points

Sort of – 1 point

Get sick. Great idea! – 0 points

14. Do you spend as much time training and developing your staff as you do on administrative work?

I think so – 2 points

I try – 1 point

You’re kidding me? – 0 points

15. Can you look back on 2016 and see how you personally have grown?

Absolutely – 2 points

Now that you mention it, yes. – 1 point

Sure. 20 pounds, to be exact – 0 points

16. Are you worried about business in 2017?

Yes, I’m worried how I’ll be able to spend all the money I plan to make! – 2 points

Concerned is a better way to say it – 1 point

About that job  – 0 points

17. Do you have ideas on how you’ll be an even better coach and leader 2017?

Yes, I do! – 2 points

I don’t know – 1 point

You have ruined my day. – 0 points

Add up your score and see how you’ve done. Are you pleased with your score? In what areas would you like to improve? 

I encourage you write down three actions you’ll commit to taking in early January to not only improve you, but substantially increase the likelihood of your business having a highly successful 2017!

Remember, choose to create your success and take the daily actions necessary to achieve your goals. 

Happy New Year!

– Doug 

Republished with author's permission from original post.

Doug Fleener
As the former director of retail for Bose Corporation and an independent retailer himself, Doug has the unique experience and ability to help companies of all sizes. Doug is a retail and customer experience consultant, keynote speaker and a recognized expert worldwide.


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