11 skills to become a Front-End developer in 2020


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For almost a decade, the front end has been the decisive element for the success of any app, web app or any software that communicates with the people.

The front-end development used to be very generic and simple. The little boredom was washed away with the quick fixes of javascript but in the end, this fixes are avoidable with disabling javascript over the browser.

Javascript grew from toddler to a robust young contender. What else would be more lucrative when the robust language Java is supported by the Javascript at the front end? The solidarity of Backend code is easily manageable when the frontend is filtering the things.

Talking about 2020 the full stack application development is highly popular. The term arises due to the demand of talented developers in the industry and scarcity of the eligible ones.

The full-stack developer is considered to know about end-to-end web development. Hiring the separate resources for frontend, backend and database development incurs more cost but also does guarantees the efficacy of each.

Therefore, hiring experienced and reliable resources who can manage frontend and backend is a beneficial choice.

Looking at the current state of the market in 2020, the front-end developer needs to have the working knowledge of several technologies.

Here are the 11 most viable skills to look for, while hire front developer:

  1. HTML and CSS
  2. JavaScript
  3. JavaScript Frameworks
  4. CSS preprocessing
  5. Version Control Software
  6. Test and Debug
  7. Automation tools
  8. Browser tools
  9. Responsive design
  10. Command lines
  11. Problem Solving


HTML is the traditional language. It is the language, which communicates with the browser, and therefore knowing HTML is the basic and most essential requirement for the front-end development. HTML informs the browser about the structuring of the web page.

Alongside this, CSS is responsible for the styling of the page and the betterment of the user interface. CSS and HTML are technologies, which help developers in building useful websites.

Whether, the page contains animation or the graphics, HTML, and CSS are an integral part of any webpage.


HTML and CSS are the styling component of the webpage, but the webpage elements are made functional with the help of JavaScript.

Javascript is the client-side programming language, which defines the functions. It coordinates with the website features and style sheet elements.

In addition, JavaScript is used to make the transaction between multiple pages with the help of the old query string method.

Asynchronous tasks and the partial loading of the web pages are made possible with the help of JavaScript.

For audio, video, animation and hat features, Javascript library and jQuery extensions are used for faster functions widely used by full-stack web development services.

Javascript frameworks

JavaScript frameworks make the JS code easier to use and make development faster. There are many Js frameworks.

The developer can use any framework depending on the requirements:

  • Angular Js
  • ReactJS
  • Vue.js
  • Angular Js

    AngularJS is a widely used JS framework for website development services, which is more flexible and agile. Angular is suitable for SPA s and it offers two-way binding and DOM manipulation.


    React JS is the javascript framework, which is developed by Facebook and enables the developers for creating the reusable UI components. The framework has the properties, which enable to create the dynamic, scalable and single-page app. In the MVC architecture, React enables both client and server-side rendering.


    Vue.js is the popular javascript framework used to create dynamic web apps and single-page applications. The framework can be integrated into the existing projects and the data can be easily bound to HTML.

    CSS preprocessing

    CSS preprocessing is the advanced CSS version. It is a better version of the primary CSS classes, which enhances the website features.

    Not only, it does improve CSS styling but it also helps the developers by reducing the effort of writing CSS. Stylus, Saas and LESS are three preprocessors, which convert the code into CSS.

    Version Control Software

    Version Control Software or Git is the most popular software used for the large team of developers. The version control system helps in collaborating with the changes and making a better software development process.

    Git or Github track the changes and the developer can create the branch, make the changes and delete or commit the changes.

    Also, developers can perform the test operation over Fork branches. This saves the long code from spoiling and therefore widely used by full-stack web development services

    Test and Debug

    Whether it is the small website or the large application, testing and debugging is an integral part of the development process.

    Coding always contains few bugs and errors regardless of the experience and competence of the developers.

    Front-end developer must know about testing and debugging process. The working knowledge of tools such as selenium and Jasmine makes things easier.

    Automation tools

    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three basic pillars of front-end development. These three collectively make the functional User Interface and used wisely as best web development company practices.

    The automated building software makes the frontend development easier. The performance is usually measured at the loading time.

    The page that takes time in loading cannot be considered good despite of all functionalities. The images are optimized and the page components are made lighter for better performance.

    This optimization takes time and the work can be made quicker with the help of automation softwares. Knowledge of these tools is the required skill for front-end developers.

    Browser tools

    Browser tools are nothing but the browser component, which helps in developing the browser-friendly pages. This helps the developers in increasing the UI quality give optimum website development services.

    The functionality of a web page is tested over the browser. The developer can make the tweaks with live preview and can test the javascript code here.

    The Inspector permits the developer to check the HTML, CSS and Javascript console separately.

    Responsive design

    A UI is the entry gate to the software or web app. The user is too versatile. Surfing through the PC or mobile platform is the user’s choice.

    Your web page UI must be compatible with every screen size. Getting the expertise in responsive design and the Bootstrap template development could be a better choice for the front-end developer.

    Command lines

    The graphical user interface is used to build the page and perform the tasks in the front end. However, to give the functionality the Command line is also used. For being the competent front-end developer, the command line is used.

    Problem Solving

    This is the most common skill, which every developer must-have. For large projects, the work is done in a team. When the development team is involved, the ideas always differ. Here, the problem-solving skills are a bonus.


    A front-end developer is a demand for every type of software. Above are the general skills of a developer and having those skills ensures a smooth ride but not ensure the superb one. Experienced is gained over time, which is the only key to flawless development. For the full stack application development, the front end is a necessary part. Having enough knowledge gives great days ahead.

    Tarun Nagar
    Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.


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