10 Ways to Cultivate Your Community with Jeremy Epstein


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In case you were wondering if there was a secret to marketing, there is, and Jeremy Epstein has figured it out.

Step 1, never stop marketing.

Step 2, repeat.

It is a little bit harder than that but thankfully, Jeremy is a marketing wizard who continuously shares his insights on his blog.

Jeremy has just put together a fantastic eBook with some great advice when it comes to community building. The focus of the book is to show how building strong relationships can creates genuine fans.

In the following interview, Jeremy explains the concept of a genuine fans, social strategy, the Maya Angelou marketing test, and the need for no strings attached behavior. Check it out and then make sure to download the free eBook. Also, make sure to check out the outstanding design, social sharing options, and the special award inside the book – great stuff!!


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