10 Ingredients of Successful B2B Apps For Agriculture Marketplace


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Rapidly changing world and the need to map it’s pace compel marketers to induce technology in the agricultural domain. Inculcating plentitude of avenues, B2B agriculture marketplace lay down a pool of opportunities to build relationships. You can both buy and sell across this platform. Whether you are now in this field or already have a well-versed agriculture business, you can opt for B2B apps. Technological advancement has disrupted multiple domains and this time it’s the agricultural sector.

Wondering Why Mobile Apps For B2B Agriculture?

Past few decades saw a huge transition in the way people view the world and eventually the business world. Farmers have received constant support from both government and the nongovernmental organization to leverage their economic growth and outstand in their field.

Call centers and messaging service played an excellent role to help farmers outreach the local mass. But the advent of the internet has transformed the definition of mobile phones. No just the urban but the rural sector too is hit by the storm. People now digitize payments, use high definition technologies to indulge in better decision making.

Well, the impact of smartphones can be witnessed in multiple sectors but here we pay our focus on agricultural apps. According to a report, it seems that the total usage of mobile phones and increased to 78% which is a huge rise from the 20% use as of 2000.

Role Of B2B Markets For Agriculture

You might be wondering how can a mobile app aid agricultural help. How do farmers use it to benefit? Agree?

Every now and then, the government comes up with significant laws or agricultural practices to help farmers indulge in better farming. However, staying in the remotest part of the city, it is seen that most of the times, farmers skip details or laws as passed by the government.

Information pertaining to agriculture seems to be deprived but no more. Technologies such as IoT or cloud computing, mobile education or integrated systems induce direct connectivity with farmers. And farmers can stay updated all throughout the day.

Next, b2b mobile apps have excellent GPS features that allow farmers to gain specific insights related to weather or soil conditions. This in a way helps them take better and sound land decisions. Likewise, farmers can effectively plan the most suitable season for harvesting.

To add to the above, GIS (Geographical Information System) provided detailed information about when the farmers need to be tread cautious of pests and take necessary steps to prevent the animal attack. Additionally, agriculture mobile app B2B aids optimizing use of fertilizers and thereby reduce the total cost to be invested by farmers.

So, good till now?

Mobile apps have overpowered human life and there are a bunch in the marker. However, each app has something that helps them stand out from the crowd. Here, are ten elements to be built in agriculture b2b portal.

1. Provide Highly Accurate Data

One of the major ingredients of agriculture b2b marketplace is providing relevant data pertaining to precipitation. In case you are planning to build a b2b mobile app, make sure that your app gets updated frequently and provide precise data.

2. Help Farm Owners communicate

One of the most convenient applications of mobile apps is that they promote connectivity. Consider a case when you as a farmer need to share location and details about a particular agent with other farmers, here is where b2b apps come handy. Multiple farmers can connect to build reports and aid better decisions.

3. Automated Yield Production

Another major feature an app must app is predicting crop yield. Based on the weather, pesticides and other related data, the ML algorithm helps estimate the production.

4. Go Online Feature

An online agriculture b2b portal that helps farmers go live, conduct meeting, communication, or conferences to come up with a better approach towards farming.

5. A Marketplace That Helps You Sell Products

B2b apps have a list of buyers from across the globe. Buyers and corresponding lenders found on these platforms have several opportunities that help farmers sell their products to the outer market.

6. Update Current Information Of B2B Marketplace

B2b apps allow to connect with companies of the marketplace and so there is no such information that you missed. There might have been a solution in past that you failed to grab but no more.

7. Provide Weather Information

An excellent ingredient of b2b apps is the ability to provide information related to weather. You can plan better when to reap, when to harvest and when to sow.

8. Determine Soil Condition

Apps these days uses beacon technology to add sensors in farmlands that helps to know real-time data related to moisture, need of fertilizers and levels of minerals in the soil.

9. Induce GPS for better assistance

Farmers can benefit from the GPS features and help them virtually assist tractors in their fields.

10. Directly Communicate With Retailers

You no longer need a middleman to connect with the retailer. Connect directly with the retailers and ensure optimal rates for both. Application build ensures prompt and instant rates.

Summing up all the above, it is clear that the current marketing condition necessitates the need of employing apps in the b2b marketplace. And why not when it has so much to offer. From reducing transactional to transportation cost, it leads to traceability of product, storage and enables tracking pest. Further data traceability aid management of risk and likewise boost the overall business efficiency.

Seeing such massive demand, mobile app development services providers are now taking their hand on developing one such b2b app that helps both farmers and their business. And this is not just for the high-grade farmers but also for the small plant holders.


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