10 B2B Email Marketing Hacks to Maximize the ROI of your Business


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Overview about Email Marketing:

One of the top marketing quotes by Beth Comstock, CMO of General Electric, “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”, explains the need of congruity, context and coupling in marketing.

Advertisements through digital channels is a vogue that can no longer be kept at arm’s length.

As per the 2018 email marketing industry census by Econsultancy published in partnership with Adestra, the email marketing perseveres in maintaining as the most effectual marketing channel though a couple of marketers publicized astral performances.

Work-flow of Email Marketing:

Image Source: https://www.wishpond.com/marketing-automation/

The figure above shows a typical work-flow of Email Marketing.

Recently, while shifting to Ahmedabad, I was in search of rented properties. I had registered on Magic Bricks. After registering, I keep on getting information about properties in Ahmedabad near to the mentioned area. As shown in the image below, as soon as the email is opened, it provides list of various properties that are available.

Image Source: https://www.magicbricks.com/

Now, if I want to pose a question for a property, then the site has an option of “Enquire Now” which would direct you their site and provides the contact information of the broker/owner of the property.

Image Source: https://www.magicbricks.com/

They also have provisions for feedback and an assemblage of disparate variations in properties in the questioned area.

Image Source: https://www.magicbricks.com/

Common Myths of Email Marketing that shouldn’t be paid heed:

1.Customers are flooded with mails from the company: It is said to be one of the most highly talked myth in B2B Marketing Industry. As per study 60% of people receive less than 6 emails per day from trusted brands. Out of those 60%, 40% of them received less than 3 emails!

2.The shorter the subject line, the better the impact of the mail:

Problem Statement:-

If you are given a limit of just 50 words and asked to define email marketing you will get annoyed.


Similarly, few concepts can’t be limited to minimum count.


For instance, you are asked to write an application for the post of Content Manager, the expected subject line should be: Application for the post of Content Manager in your esteemed organization with reference to the advertisement NCP/01/2018 dated 01/08/2018.

3.The more the emails are humdrum, the more it tends to make its place in the thrash:

Problem Statement & Solution:

I registered for a python course in Hyderabad. Every Monday, I receive a mail regarding the new batches that are scheduled for python. Even if Ignored for 2-3 times, 4th time, I had a look at the same and finally decided to take up the course and forwarded to few of my friends in IT who were looking to upgrade their knowledge.


Summing up I can say, at-least once your mail will be checked and may help in generating revenue and sales.
After getting a brief note about email marketing its work-flow and myths, let us loco-mote towards the next section. The next-section is useful for embryonic grads who have been contemplating to make an employment in the field of marketing and for adroit professionals who are willing to take a dekko in this field.
This log is wrote in order to bring all the important hacks under one single roof as it would provide an augment to B2B through email marketing for maximizing the ROI.

The following 10 B2B Email marketing hacks are shortlisted for maximizing ROI. We will go through each hacks in a detailed manner one by one.

1.Let the best one win.
2.Education is better than selling
3.Experimenting with eyes
4.Validating with a social proof
5.The ‘Follow me friend’ tactic
6.Grip on a hypnotic subject
7.Incorporating Artificial Intelligence
8.The hasp of consistency
9.Bombard with contents
10.Wedge the Emails

1.Let the best one win:

You have already been there:-
Have you ever thought that while buying a car why we prefer to have a test drive? Yes! You are absolutely right! You get rides for free on different cars! Jokes apart! The reason behind getting a ride is to check which is better in terms of features, space, comfort and other factors that we have in our minds.
Connecting the dots:
Similarly, in email marketing this is adopted to check with which subject line and matter related to it goes better or have a catchy effect to increase the sales of your company. You can say a mix and match approach! You can try different versions of your mail and check which has more impact and brings positive response.

2.Education is better for selling:

Being Thoughtful:-
Sometimes only promoting your services and products will not help you in expanding your sales. Sometimes its better to educate so that they could take wise decisions while selecting a service for themselves.

For instance, you want to buy an induction cook-top and you have no tip-off. All the executives would promote their company’s product by stating various features and their after-sales services. Will you be able to decide which one to buy? In this case even sometimes images wont help you to decide or product description wont muse you.

Think like a client but under the umbrella of email marketer:-

Being an email marketer, the prime responsibility is to influence by piloting your client with recent technology trends and how they are being incorporated in our day-to-day lives. Second most important part is to be available for your clients for their queries. This would help you to gain trust of the client and then slowly proceed towards your target sale strategy.

3.Experimenting with eyes:

Stepping into shoes of customer:
If someone would ask me to choose between a black and white document and colorful videos, I would definitely go for the videos. They not only have aptness to hold the attention of the viewer but also are petite and time saving.

Getting a technical insight:-
Now days email marketing has adopted this quirky technique to expand businesses.


Few days back while surfing, I found a video which was actually a marketing of brand for their dog adoption center. The video was so poignant and effective that I shared it with at-least 10 people and two of them gave a call to adopt a dog.

4.Validating with a social proof:

Keeping it Simple:-
My father is very concerned about his hair fall problem as it leads to baldness. Few days back he had registered to one of the famous hair transplant centers in Nagpur. They had emailed disparate success stories of their clients with step by step images and videos of their(clients) interviews. This is another effective way to lure your customers about the services with proof!

5.The ‘Follow me friend’ tactics:

Putting in simple words its a marketing strategy where within the same organization, people(other colleagues) are targeted via a single regular customer who is a part of the organization.

Understanding in My way:

My colleague is a regular visitor of a restaurant in Nagpur. It offers a scoop of ice-cream and soup as complementary in lunch to its regular customers. She had asked me to be a member of the restaurant as it proffers variegated services to their exclusive members. Later if in turn I suggest someone to join the chain, I will be a premium gold member and would be eligible for a free brunch twice a month.

6.Grip on a hypnotic Subject:

Now you can connect very well the myths of email marketing with this! As I have mentioned earlier, subject line shouldn’t be subjected to word count. For example, if I need to send a mail to my customer about the recent products that the company is launching and about the services the company will be providing, then what should be the subject line of my mail?

Option 1: Recent launch of the Rowdy App
Option 2: New Upgrades by company
Option 3: The Launch of Rowdy App for the budding entrepreneurs with sundry remarkable after sales services.

7.Incorporating Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the hottest topic in IT industry. Due to its “give a personal touch to” feature, many email marketers are looking forward to incorporate it into their strategies.

Problem Statement:-

Since AI has to be engulfed in marketing, many marketers are in a catch-22 situation as AI is still in the idealization phase for marketing.

Machine learning is another aspect under AI where content and email frequencies are recorded. Suppose, AI can predict the content say medical data then it can convert those into potential customers related to medical field. Concepts of data mining and database are also used as a value pack combo for this.

8.The Hasp of consistency :

Quote time:-

There is a saying, “Consistency shows value in whatever you are after.
Let me put it in a simple way.
Checking your power of imagination:
Why would you always go to the same shopkeeper to buy groceries in-spite of the fact that others have the same set of things to offer? It was concomitant due to his consistency in all his services whether pre-sales or post-sales over the years.

Check Points:-
If its your business debut, this wont be possible within a single day. The important factor that comes in this package is trust.

You need to seize hold of the client’s attention by uninterrupted services and furtherance the relationship with them.

9.Bombard with contents:

The concept:

Which of the following lines attract you more?
I belong from Hyderabad.
My home-town is Hyderabad.
My roots are in Hyderabad.
I am allied to the city of Biryani -Hyderabad.
The fourth one is catchy and attractive. Definitely you will like to use it in normal conversation.
The concept is that you need to tell your clients about your services but in a singable way with quality and useful content that directly doesn’t points your intention. This would gain the trust of the customers.
The additional feature that you need to consider is patience. You cant expect that at one go your target client would give you a call and ask for services. But this would create a brand publicity by making its presence through snappy contents.

10.Wedge Emails:

Establish a connection with real life examples:
I am reminded about the landline bill on 21st of every month. The reason is that I should not forget about paying it in my busy schedule.

Put into practice:

Similarly, it is an important gesture that your clients don’t forget you and your services. Therefore, it is a good gesture to remind them about your company’s services and products from time-to-time.

Denouement of the article:

Email marketing always creates a buzz among the marketers due to its role in business expansion for revenue generation. Now-days there is availability of numerous strategies to fulfill the requirements of a B2B company. The tactics is how, when and where to implement it to avoid email hazards. Hope this article would fulfill the forage of marketers for the multiplicity of the revenue.

Harikrishna Kundariya
Harikrishna Kundariya is an accomplished Design & Development executive with over 10 years experience in the Developing industry. He is currently President and CEO of eSparkBiz Technologies, a Mobile App Development Company. Connect with him on twitter @eSparkBiz.


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