Your 4 Item Agenda To Prepare For The New Facebook Page Launch This Friday


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On Friday, March 30, Facebook is going all “branding” on businesses and universally rolling out Timeline for Facebook Pages. Many are touting this feature as the most significant event to date for businesses marketing on Facebook. If you have a business page on Facebook but haven’t updated to Timeline yet, here are the main things you need to do this week:

1. Create your cover photo: This is the first thing visitors will see on your new Facebook page. Facebook wants them to be “brand-oriented”, meaning they won’t allow photos that include sales or offer messaging. The suggested size is 851×351 pixels.

2. Select your icons: Consider icons as your primary navigation bar of the page. You’ll want to select icons that highlight your page’s best qualities; like content assets (pictures, videos, etc.), likes and apps.

3. Pin important posts: You can “pin” posts to remain featured at the top of your Timeline for seven days.

4. Display milestones: Apparently, Facebook has deemed your company’s history of major importance to consumers. To that end, you can update milestones (like when your company was founded, when you reached your first 1,000 customers, when you sponsored a charity golf tournament, etc.) which will display as a visual documentation of your organization’s history.

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The good folks at Marketo put together a good infographic (below), summarizing the new features for Facebook Pages. So, print it out, pin it to your cube and get ready to scrap those cool custom landing pages…

The Guide to Facebook Timeline for Businesses Infographic by Marketo


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