Will They Exist After the Holiday Season?


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JCPennylogoI have not posted about J.C. Penny in a while, and thought I should as I believe their time is coming to an end. I won’t rehash my earlier posts here, you can search them easily within this blog. Suffice it to say, I am not a fan of their Board or their return to a failed strategy strategy.

Anyway, I am amused to note that as with many so-called turnarounds the big thing to do is bring in new agencies to create a new message. Gotta be a challenge to get people to come back to something that was not working to begin with. Kinda like “come on back we suck just like we did before.”

They don’t need a new marketing communications strategy, they need a marketing strategy, which aligns with their business strategy, to achieve their goal. Oh wait, what am I talking about, they have purposefully returned to a business strategy that was proven to not achieve their goal before.

Oh well, not sure we will have Penny’s to kick around anymore for long after the first of the year. Sorry to see its demise.


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