Why do you have a Facebook profile if you don’t want to communicate?

Dragan Mestrovic | Sep 4, 2012 27 views No Comments

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social media content strategy 225 Why do you have a Facebook profile if you don't want to communicate?When I communicate in Facebook and Twitter, then I like to share interesting and valuable content.

Sometimes there are users in my network who make the impression they are bothered through this information. Social media is for connection and for communication. People who don’t want to be “bothered” by information which they don’t like for this moment should take into account that maybe this information they don’t like at this moment can benefit other people.

Social media is a democratic way of communication and this means that everybody is free to publish any information which can benefit others.

Not each piece of content which a business or a private person publishes in the social media channel is of interest or value for all. But the more content and information is published the higher are the chances that under this mass of content parts exist which benefit other people.

To publish and to share content is a sign of generosity. And if there is content or any information you don’t like than you are free to express your personal opinion on this, but keep in mind your opinion must not be universally applicable.

Content sharing is an essential part of knowledge and communication and improves the online reputation.

Infographic: Social Sharing Trends

content sharing infographic Why do you have a Facebook profile if you don't want to communicate?

What do you think, how does content sharing in social media benefits you?

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