Why This Energy Company Is Winning Customer Service By Going Green


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Despite traditional and bureaucratic drag, the nations of the world are working together, for the most part, to step up the utilization of renewable energy in an effort to diminish the production of greenhouse gases — hopefully in time to save our planet from a devastating inundation and calamitous weather patterns. Eliminating harmful emissions, or at least cutting them back to miniscule proportions, is becoming the goal of every socially conscious energy company in the world.

This is not going to be an easy fix, because the majority of the world’s energy is still produced from fossil fuels such as coal and oil. These non-renewable resources will eventually become depleted, and along the way they will leave behind billions of tons of greenhouse emissions and a gigantic carbon footprint that may take hundreds of years to erase. This means that while the spirit of the times is leaning in the direction of renewable energy, such as solar and wind powered production plants, the actual machinery and technology in use today are mostly geared towards fossil fuels.

Most energy experts believe that going green will not only help restore the earth’s environment, but will also boost the world economy. The new green energy options are opening up job opportunities and career paths for thousands of employees, radically altering the face of the labor market in a positive manner. Informed consumers and vendors are delighted when utilities make the effort to go green, and respond with more timely payments that speed up the cash flow throughout the global economy. While the price of renewable energy is still not quite competitive with coal and oil, the march of technology and the ever increasing demand for green solutions to energy production are steadily bringing down the price to where consumers will soon find it cheaper to go green than to stay with fossil fuels.

One of the power companies in the forefront of this movement to replace fossil fuels with green and renewable energy is American Power and Gas. The energy company has always been committed to building good customer relations, and promoting renewable energy initiatives is one of their major business goals. It’s also been good for business, pushing the company into receiving over half a billion dollars in subscriptions by 2017. American Power & Gas has made it standard operating procedure for the past decade to expand green power options for its customers.

Tom Cummins, the CEO of American Power & Gas, is currently making the media rounds to explain his company’s philosophy about and commitment to renewable energy for all of its American customers.

Cummins is telling reporters that he believes green energy initiatives not only are necessary for saving the planet, but make good business sense as well. He points to the fact that as AP&G has ventured into the field of solar power the initial investment costs were quite high, but that the company’s financial executives felt that such investment would pay dividends in a relatively short period of time. So far, says Cummins, solar power has been able to bring in a different set of profits from government and community grants that traditional forms of energy are not eligible to receive. Furthermore, Cummins states that American Power & Gas have been hiring more workers to service their solar power sector, without having to lay hardly any employees from other sectors — which means few worries about severance packages and negative media attention.

Although the current administration in Washington does not seem to be particularly committed to promoting renewable energy, Cummins is certain that if Washington drops the ball, the private sector will pick up the pieces and continue with research and pioneering technology to make certain clean and renewable energy becomes better understood and more accessible in the near future.

Cummins likes to remind reporters that the switch to green energy is an individual decision, at least here in the United States. Consumers already have many renewable energy options available to them. The more demand there is for green energy, says Cummins, the sooner power companies like American Power & Gas will be able to implement procedures to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of renewable energy resources.


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