What you don’t know will hurt! 2010 Customer Experience Results


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While normal people are waiting for new episodes of “Glee”, customer experience geeks like me eagerly anticipate the annual release of the Right Now Harris Interactive Customer Experience report.  It’s like an early Christmas present!

Now that I have had time to digest the key findings of this comprehensive survey of customer experience data, I thought I better not keep it to myself.

While I’ll simply highlight two areas of the studies findings in today’s blog, I’ll attach a pdf file for the entire final report so you can easily download it and review it at your leisure. Fun, fun, fun, huh?

The first question for today will be:

According to the Right Now Harris Interactive study, how many people said they would pay how much more for excellent experiences?  Survey says:

·· 76% would pay 5% or more

·· 55% would pay 10% or more

·· 27% would pay 15% or more

·· 18% would pay 20% or more

·· 10% would pay 25% or more

Note the big market drop when the premium for a better experience exceeds 10%

Question #2 – How quickly do customers expect to receive a response from questions they pose on your company’s Twitter or Facebook page?

·· 42% expect a response within a day

·· 39% within a week

·· 7% within an hour

·· 2% within a minute

Yikes 2% expect instant responses online (there’s a number to watch in the future).

When you look at your pricing, are you charging a premium for enriched service?  If so, how large of a premium are you charging?  How do you see that premium restricting purchases from varying customer segments?

How nimble is your response to Facebook and Twitter inquiries?

Zappos has staff dedicated to instantly responding to twitter posts – 24 hours a day. Companies like Zappos are setting a standard for all of us.

Before you know it we will be expected  to answer questions before they are asked.  In that vein, you will find the pdf file of the report below.


Happy reading!


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