What Are the Reasons That Can Make Your CRM Stink- And What to Do About Them?


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CRM software solution be it a robust cloud-based enterprise CRM platforms like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions are bought and sold to the tune of Billions of dollars every year.
And, an equal amount is also spent on understanding and trying to figure out how to implement and use them consistently.

Now, the simple reasons the members of your sales and marketing teams despise CRM, the reasons your CRM project leaders will spend thousands of dollars on comprehending the root causes of low adoption rate of your easy to use CRM, or the reasons your IT teams and your business heads will treat each other like a soon-to-divorce couples, usually boils down to three things.

You might be wondering now – “What are they; I wish someone would have taught this to me?”

So here we illustrate these three reasons that can even make your best easy to use CRM stink and get you started on a path to fixing them easily.

1. Your Sales Managers And Executives Are Not Yet Fully On-Board

This implies that either your sales managers and executives do not understand their role or they are not interested in fulfilling their roles as a user of your easy to use CRM software.

For example, when an executive of high-rank in your organization has their admin export information from the CRM database, create a pivot table in Excel and then email it to the sales leaders in your company requesting answers on why something is happening- they are just killing the credibility of your CRM software.

Moreover, when managers in your company agree that they will validate commissions for the sales reps that are using the CRM platform, but repeatedly approves exceptions of sales reps for being “special performers”, what they are doing, in reality, is destroying thousands of dollars in change management jobs that the company paid for.
For example when managers in your sales teams ask their sales reps for their reports in Word Docs or Excel spreadsheets prior to their end-of-the- period meetings, they immediately destroy the potential of their team’s adoption percentage of the easy to use CRM for the organization.

2. Implementing A CRM Without A Pre-Defined Sales Process

If you know what is CRM, you must agree that easy to use CRM solutions are created to support the sales process, not to change or built them.

Therefore, businesses most often make a huge mistake, when they set out on their CRM hunt for purchasing a solution even before they have a pre-defined sales process for their company.

Since, when this happens, everyone does double the work.

This is because, in this scenario, the CRM project teams not only must worry about testing, configuring, launching, and think about the adoption of the CRM, but now they also have to frame a sales process and set up a system that is capable of controlling these new changes rather than relying on an existing sales management principle for doing it.

Moreover, without a sales process in place the end users of the easy to use CRM not only has to learn the new tool but now they have to digest a new common language and alter the ways they report and sell for their organization.

Hence the absence of a pre-defined sales process is a sure shot recipe for a disaster as everyone will have to do double the work they did before, which will certainly create apathy and resentment for the new software purchased by the company.

Limited configuration, minimum viable, or – worst of all – out of the box product

If your easy to use CRM encountering any one of these scenarios, it is akin to driving a Mercedes with four deflated tires.

In this situation, while you will find your sales managers loving the software, your sales reps will equally abhor using it.

Now, your managers will love the CRM software, because they will find an expensive policing business tool that will trick them soon to feel that as though they are managing their rep’s performance most efficiently, while in reality, they are only monitoring the activity levels of their frustrated sales reps and thereby proctoring a decreasing level of productivity as the true objectives of adopting a CRM has already been lost, and as sales reps are quick to pick up on this, they shall soon touch the CRM once or twice every day just to stay off the naughty list.

Now, once this happens your easy to use CRM will soon find a reputation as an admin burden that can offer no real value, and since your managers by then will not be able to understand how to clear the mess, and your high-functioning reps will start missing their targets (because of additional admin works) it will create resentment and even lower adoption rate of the CRM software.

Hence to stall these three CRM killers here is what you can do to help avoid them:

The sponsorship of easy to use CRM project is not like buying T-shirts for your company’s tee-ball team. You just cannot throw your name on an important software solution like a CRM, and thereafter sit on the sideline to watch it play.

Once you adopt the easy to use CRM for your company, your sales leaders and executives have to get into the game. Your sales leaders need to make out decisions early about the fields, click counts and workflows, and account hierarchy even before your purchase of the CRM software since all these will truly matter on the game day.

You also need to lobby for a considerable amount of budget, which can impart a solid training on the CRM software, on change management and communications, and also on integrating business tools with your CRM that will help your sales and managers to remain productive.

Lastly, eliminate all Excel reports once your CRM goes live and make your new easy to use CRM software the system of records.

Make your employees and end users of the CRM understand that if it did not happen in the CRM, it did not happen at all.

Use your CRM dashboard and reports to fuel meetings, review sales funnel, manage qualified leads and thereby guide your teams to use the software to shorten their overall sales cycle effectively.

As CRM technology is advancing very quickly, today’s CRM software platforms are awesome.
Nowadays even Salesforce Alternative CRM vendors are integrating phone systems, POS, lead generation tools, social monitoring and even accounting software like QuickBooks CRM into the solution that offers QuickBooks CRM integration free, which are leveraging enhanced customer relationships, more productivity, faster deals, and more happier staffs.


Therefore, to conclude by removing these three obstacles mentioned above we are sure your easy to use CRM will not get stuck but shall pave the way to enhance the productivity of your teams which shall lead to rapid business growth.


  1. In one of the recent project review we found that said client does not has any clear Sales Process and they have started using CRM as is without any customization. The result was poor adoption and eventually failure. Patricia in this article had clearly nailed the core failure reasons.


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