Want To Create Devoted Customers? Don’t Upset Them At The Expense of New Ones!


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Sky Free Thursdays is the latest promotion from the satellite TV channel which allows non subscribers to watch Sky TV for free on, guess when, Thursdays. However, it seems to have upset some people, and quite specifically, some existing customers who are already paying for it!

They are are not happy that their ‘loyalty’ is being rewarded by better deals for others, and particularly, people who aren’t actually paying! It’s a criticism that many businesses, particularly banks, building societies and telephone companies have recieved in the past when they offer better ‘deals’ for new and prospective customers.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with offering ‘deals’ to attract new customers – it can be a great way of getting their attention and creating interest. But to do so at the expense of existing customers does seem a little short sighted. I can’t help thinking that these promotions could also provide a great opportunity to demonstrate to existing (loyal) customers that they are appreciated. How about letting existing customers know that in conjunction with the ‘deal’ for new customers, there’s something ‘special’ for them too? It could be a lttle something ‘extra’ or perhaps a special deal on their next purchase introduced with an email or letter that says “Here is a special ‘thank you’ for your loyalty”.

Whatever you do, it’s about Demonstrating to your existing customers that you care about them.

Come to think of it…. why wait for a special promotion to new customers to prompt a demonstraton to your existing customers you actually care about them? Why not do something today?


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