Tricks every small business should use on the social network platform


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Are you sparkling with some bright ideas for your business? Or maybe you are already in process of realizing those plans? Today Internet makes everything possible.
So how to lose your small business, customers, money and reputation? You can read about this somewhere else. Because here we will share some tricks about how to do the opposite. Prepare your magic wand (read: open your social network platform) and learn how to create miracles with your small business.

How to start: tell your customers that you exist
And constantly prove that you are still alive – that should be the continuation of a phrase. Nowadays the question “Should I use social media for my business” is not being asked. Unless you want to see that facepalm expression, of course. The question is more about “which” social network platform you should use. The range is so wide that you can get lost: you can choose to create your own network with Ning where you can build an online community around your small business, or promote it with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or use the power of images with Instagram.
The carefully chosen social network platform is what makes you more competitive. What’s even better, is your active social media presence: fresh content, new updates in a form of photos, videos, blogs or polls. Lack of online presence will make your customers doubt about your business legitimacy.

Don’t try to be everything
We know you want more customers, more profit, more people talking about your business. But one of the main fails of small business owners is the desire to please everybody. It could work if the idea of your business was to save the world. Or to find the elixir of youth (but still not everybody wants to live forever).
For a small business, the goal is usually more precise. The same applies to the social media tools you should use. They should work for your target audience, not for every random Internet user. Build relationships with the customers in your niche. Speak to the right people, with the right words (content). Develop your customer persona: the more you narrow down your way, the more chances you will succeed.

Be a human

“But I already am” – you can answer. Yes, but don’t forget about it, when you work on your small business. Don’t speak to your customers as a big corporation, or robot. For sure, there is a big chance that soon AI will invade our lives in social networks, but now put yourself in the shoes of your customers, think about their problems and suggest them how to solve it. When you work on your posts, do not over-process them with proofreading by twenty native speakers and do not go through a long procedure of approval by editors. Not that we are recommending you to go with “lols” and other abbreviations you are texting your BFF with. Just make your posts more alive, show them to your friends or family, ask if this text evokes any emotions or nice memories. Use relevant photos, but instead of downloading professional stock images, made by someone else, share your own ones or engage your customers in creating content for you.
If you are sharing the content from other sources, make sure they are trustful. Read this article and learn how to make your content more credible.

Work hard, but do not overwork
Do not underestimate your potential and do your best for your small business within a social media. At the same time, do not try to kill two birds with one stone, and do not overestimate your capabilities. Estimate such resources like time, budget and employers (if you have those) very thoughtfully.
When you post something on your social network platform, you should know, that there should be a reaction (if you follow all the tips we are giving you here). The reaction of your customers requires the answer from your side, you need to create a network around your brand. Commenting, answering in private messages, forums, etc. takes time. Do the proper estimate, and post as much content as possible, but do not forget that after it there will be a feedback, and if it goes unnoticed and unprocessed, your small business will perform poorly.
Content managing is a time consuming process, unless you have enough budget to hire people who will do it for you. If you are on the early stage of your small business, you will have to manage it on your own – so do not take more than you can handle.

Look on your competitors – but don’t copy them (especially their fails)
No matter how good you are doing with your small business, there is always somebody out there who is doing better. They are people (read: your competitors) you need to learn from. Simply knowing they exist will not help your business at all. Start with subscribing to their newsletters, reading their content, comments under their most successful posts, and analyze how they behave with the customers. On the social media pages of your competitors you can find new ideas, that you (we have no doubt) can implement better. Monitor the small businesses that work in your niche, and find out what attracts your attention most of all. Do not only look on the success of your rivals – but watch out their failures as well, and try to avoid it on your social network platform. Do not only focus on “how to”. Find the brightest examples of some small business that completely failed – to learn “how not to”.

Your small business will go through a long way online: since the moment you open that “Sign up” page and think on how to create a strong password, to the moment you create a real community of customers. With the right social media platform, your small business is on the way to big success. Are you ready to become the only boss of your life?


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