Top 5 for Innovation Insights and Inspiration – May


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If you are looking for insights and inspiration on innovation, you should check out these resources, people and companies.

Innovation Excellence:

Innovation Excellence is the place to go to if you are looking for a collection of innovation insights and inspiration. Great content! Great job by Braden Kelley, Rowan Gibson and the rest of their team!

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Scott D. Anthony:

My favourite guy right now is Scott D. Anthony, the Managing Director of Innosight Asia-Pacific. He realized that the future of innovation to a large extent will be driven out of Asia so what does a serious guy do? Scott moved to Singapore where I have really enjoyed meeting him just as I have enjoyed reading his great blog posts and books.

Check out Scott’s blog posts on Harvard Business Review and his page on His latests book is The Little Black Book of Innovation: How It Works, How to Do It

Lego Cuusoo:

Lego Cuusoo is a great example on companies working together in an open innovation-like setup (the partnership between Lego and Cusoo) while having customer co-creation (the relationship with idea-submitters) and using crowdsourcing to make things happen (get 10,000 supporters).

The key to success on innovation hinges on a company’s ability to merge external and internal resources. Lego is doing a great job on this and they are just getting started.

The Front End of Innovation:

Unfortunately, I am not going this year, but the Front End of Innovation conference is usually a great conference if you are looking for new insights and inspiration. This year it happens on May 15-17 in Orlando, USA.

Twitter – as a tool for insights and inspiration:

It just continues to be my primary source of inspiration. Download Tweetdeck if you don’t already have it. Then you set up a search for “open innovation” and you will get a great overview of what is happening on this front.

You can also create a list in order to follow these people who write and/or tweet great stuff frequently: @digitaltonto @timkastelle @ralph_ohr @nicobry @conversationage @ariegoldshlager @paul4innovating @nilofer @ovoinnovation @philmckinney @danielpink @chuckfrey – just some of the people on my innovation list!


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