Top Mobile Application Development Skills Necessary for Excel in 2019


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Top Mobile Application Development Skills Necessary for Excel in 2019

Thriving tech domain is certain to achieve new heights in the year 2019. It will directly impact the mobile application development process as the advent of technological advancements will evolve the process further. But then, the mobile app developers need to get ready to integrate the technology trends to excel in the competitive domain.

The emerging technologies like AR, VR, AI, and Blockchain are here to bring disruptive changes in mobile app development. Therefore, app developers need to think beyond traditional app development methods. For example, the iPhone app development company should add blockchain and AR-based app development services because Apple provides ARKit to leverage the benefits of AR technology.

Why is it necessary to develop new skills for mobile app developers in 2019?

Well, we can mention many reasons for it. But a few noteworthy ones are:
-Abundance of apps- The app stores are surging with apps and it is difficult to stand out from the crowd with the traditional apps.
-Ever-changing requirements- The mobile app developers have to address diverse business requirements. In the competitive business scenario, the needs keep on changing rapidly, and therefore, technological advancements are necessary to deal with them.
-Growing competition- Today, entrepreneurs can find many options in mobile app development companies to assign their app projects. If the developers have the necessary skills to come up with innovative app solutions, then they can excel in a competitive scenario.

Here we give a list of the necessary skills to develop for Android and iOS app developers.

1. Blockchain is in trend
The blockchain technology is going to be a huge one in 2019 and beyond. The world has seen its power in cryptocurrency. We can expect that Blockchain will gain ground in the technology domain thanks to its capability of providing higher data security. It has cryptographic algorithms that enable the developers to provide decentralized databases. It is particularly useful in financial transactions and the BFSI sector can make the most of this technology.

Both iOS and Android app developers need to develop blockchain skills to integrate this wonderful technology in their apps.

2. Technology combines with finance sector
Fintech will remain a buzzword in the coming years. It fills the gap between thriving finance sector and technology. Banks and financial institutions want to make their services more customer-centric and enable their clients to utilize all the services like currency exchange, online transactions, eWallets, etc. on the move. There, the mobile app development company can offer customized app solutions.

It is expected that the finance sector will cross 46 Billion USD by the year 2020. It is also possible that many startups will start online finance-related services in the near future. In such circumstances, both iOS and Android app development solutions should address the needs of the finance sector. Innovative financial solutions will be crucial for both mobile app development companies and financial organizations.

3. AI and ML in vogue
AI (Artificial Intelligence) has got matured with time and ready to rule the world. From business processes to daily activities, AI, together with Machine Learning (ML), is ready to offer comprehensive solutions. With advanced data analytics, AI can enhance the productivity and efficiency of the companies.

In the coming time, both AI and ML will be mainstreamed in the mobile app development domain. When it comes to offering personalized user experience in a secure way, both AI and ML can help enterprises. One of the examples of a user-centric, AI-based feature is chatbots. But then, it is necessary for the mobile app developers to have insight into how AI and ML can work to integrate the AI-powered features. The knowledge of linear algebra, numerical methods, and statistics is also helpful to the app developers.

In coming days, we expect that AI and ML will become a part of mobile app development services.

4. Problem-solving is necessary
The mobile app is about solving problems and simplify complex processes. It gets increasingly important to have a knowledge of the cutting-edge tools and technologies for the mobile app developers to solve various problems.

In other words, for the developers, it is necessary to understand the problem to bring a unique solution. After understanding the problem, developers can break it into smaller tasks for resolving them with their knowledge and insight. The custom enterprise mobile app development requires a good problem-solving approach for providing a better user experience.

As per HackerRank Portal’s Developer Skills report, the problem-solving ability is one of the highly preferred skills that employers want in app developers. It is true for both Android and iPhone app development.

5. IoT will gain ground
The Internet of Things (IoT) concept is widely adopted by companies worldwide. Time is just right to manage the entire IoT framework through a mobile app. Both iPhone and Android app development services are ready to embrace the IoT technology. In the coming years, developers need to develop the skills related to integrating IoT approach.

When it comes to IoT app development, it is necessary to keep at least one IoT expert in the team. Mobile app developers can better address the changing and challenging IoT requirements by having an insight into the IoT concept. As more entrepreneurs will start jumping on the IoT bandwagon in 2019 onwards, we will witness the gradual rise in IoT-based business mobile apps.

Apart from these futuristic technologies, it is well understood that the mobile application development companies will emphasize improving the user experience and providing interesting UI designs. Therefore, the mobile app developers should be aware of the UI and UX trends also.

Concluding Lines
While entrepreneurs hire mobile app developers, they certainly expect creativity and professional skills in line with the latest technology trends. These five technology-related points will help developers to excel in the competitive app development domain. Along with this, the developers need to stay in touch with the market trends of different industry sectors, which can help them solve the problems and simplify the processes by using technological advancements.

We have an in-house team of experienced mobile app developers who are well-versed in using cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our core focus remains on providing high-end app solutions across iOS and Android platforms at competitive rates.


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