The Superpower of Sales Hunters


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There are lions and tigers out there- especially when it comes to inside sales hunting talent. I’ve listened to a few calls lately and just when I was starting to think that hunting was a lost art, I’m convinced otherwise. Sales skills can be taught but spirits must come from within. Once a hunter, always a hunter.

Think of a the characteristics of a  lion when describing a good sales hunter, they have similar qualities:

 1. Moves at lightening speed– they think quick and act strategically, they are confident, bold, impatient and definitely not shy.

2. Small and swift– a good hunter never takes up too much room, they fit into tiny calendars and never ask for lots of time.

3. Raw curiosity– they know what they want, know how to find it and continue to ask why.

4. Astute listener– when they tune in, it’s not just at a surface level but they know how to dive into deeper levels of listening to the unspoken 

5. Incognito– They know how to maneuver and remain under the radar; camouflaged when stalking the prey

6. Healthy tenacity– their survival depends on their ability to be tenacious, so they don’t give up. They are the first to consume the prey at the site it is taken.

7. Resourceful – they never go hungry, they are resourceful and always have insurance to take care of their families.

8. Defend against intruders– they are quick to defend but slow to share- remember their gain is your loss.


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