The Sunshine Portal of New Mexico, Open Government in Progress


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While Federal budget battles are underway in the US, we are still seeing solid examples of open government throughout the country. The Sunshine Portal of New Mexico provides a good example of budget transparency. While far from complete, it is, as it states on the site, the place where citizens in New Mexico can find information on “government spending, budgets, revenues, employees, contracts, and more”. It is a shining example of serving data directly to the citizens so that they can participate more completely in the process of government and ultimately the government can achieve cost savings by eliminating the cost of answering freedom of information requests.

If you have time, listen to this video of Senator Sander Rue, R-ABQ as he delivers the keynote speech to the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government on March 26th, 2011, speaking about this portal and about open government in general.


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