The Sales 2.0 Alliance- The Welcome Committee


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The Sales 2.0 Conference is alive and kicking, great turn out today and wonderful to connect with old friends. Gerhard and Umberto delivered their keynotes in front of a crowded room @ the Four Seasons in San Francisco. Four years ago, Sales 2.0 was just a buzzword and today,  we have arrived prepared to implement new ideas. As Umberto said, “you are here because you know you have to sharpen your saw” and continued to encourage everyone in the room to “Act- do something because if you demand better results you can deliver better results.”

Where does one start? Your welcome committee is the  Sales 2.0 Alliance. A group of 6 companies who are all well aligned to support the Sales 2.0 message at the team and manager level by supporting them with sales productivity web based tools. Other companies within the Sales 2.0 alliance include:

1. InsideView– Sales intelligence tool throughout the entire sales process

2. Marketo– Marketing automation and best practices (they also wrote a totally Marketing Cheat Sheet about Sales 2.0)

3. Kadient– Leaders in developing comprehensive sales playbooks for teams.

4. Big Machines– On-demand sales configuration, quoting and proposal software

5. Xactly– Sales incentive programs

6. Right90– On-demand forecasting and revenue performance management.


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