The right type of action is rare


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Let’s see what I can do in 140 words!

You may have read one of these posts mentioning our Hierarchy of Engagement.

I like to think of each level of the pyramid as representing proportions of an employee base. At the lowest level are all employees who are aware of customer feedback. However, not all of them will understand what it means, and not all who understand will believe, and so on.

At the pinnacle of engagement, then, are employees who truly believe that being customer-focused makes a difference and take action – the right kind of action. These are true customer advocates, and, unfortunately, they are a subset of employees.

The good news is that the percentage of employees at each level does not have to mirror the triangular shape of the pyramid (it’s a marketing graphic for goodness sake). In reality, the most effective, customer-centric organizations probably have an isosceles trapezoid of engagement.


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