The Key People You Need to Launch a Successful Customer-Friendly Startup


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When you’re starting out with a new business, it’s important to get as many elements of your launch and your first few months of trading as perfect as possible so that you can draw in large numbers of customers, and wow them with a great product or service, and a memorable buying experience.

To do this, it’s vital that you select the right team to help you build your brand and your company right from the start. Read on for some key people you should consider adding to your team today if you’re preparing to launch a new venture.

The Sales Guru
One of the most important people on your startup team that you need most is a sales guru. After all, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your product or service is, if you don’t have someone to help you get it in front of customers who will actually buy it, your business won’t survive long. Having a strong salesperson on your team can help minimize the risk of spending all your money on set up and then never actually making any sales.

Add a salesperson to your startup team and you will have someone to network with vital potential clients, investors and advisors. They can be someone who can talk up the business to the press and ensure plenty of free publicity comes your way. Often seen as a “connector,” true sales people are all about building relationships and leveraging connections.

The Industry Veteran
If you’re a new entrepreneur with limited experience in creating and running a business, you will be well served if you bring on an industry veteran to join your launch team. While you may have personally come up with the idea for whatever it is that your venture will sell, you should also have a very experienced person around you who can contribute ideas for daily operational processes. They can also bring their knowledge of the ins and outs of your industry, and their many years of experience working in business, to the team.

Industry veterans tend to understand the many complexities and subtleties of a competitive landscape, and will often be very well connected. Experienced workers:

• Can able to help you steer clear of “rookie mistakes”
• Know the best events to attend or clients to pitch to
• Will also likely be able to help you find other experienced staff members for various roles as you grow

The Customer-Experience Expert
Of course, there is no point having a sales guru drumming up client interest and lots of great leads if you don’t have a customer-experience expert on hand to help shoppers finalize their transactions and get the money rolling in. Customer service staff also helps to provide buyers with any information they need before making a purchase, so that they can feel safe in parting with their cash, and are there to give after-sales support later on too.

Providing a customer experience that is second to none will help you to ensure your clients spend more money with you, buy from you again and again, and turn into raving fans who spread the word about the venture to their friends, family members, colleagues, and other contacts.

The Finance Whiz
An area where many entrepreneurs go wrong when they start a business is that they don’t have a clue about the financial side of trading, and don’t take any interest in properly tracking their venture’s cashflow. This leads many new businesses to fail within a year or two of launch. If you want to avoid this fate, it’s incredibly important that you bring on a financial whiz who can keep an eye on the books for you.

While you can certainly outsource this function, if you have the funds available it is worthwhile have a trusted, in-house “bean counter.” Look for someone who has experience in the startup arena, not just established firms, as well as preferably a person who understands your venture’s particular sales process and how it affects things from a financial perspective.

The Taskmaster
Lastly, it is also vital that your startup team contains a highly detail-oriented and deadline-driven person who can function as the taskmaster in the group. This person plays an important role in making sure that work actually gets done, and that too much time does not get spent on dreaming about the future or otherwise not taking action.

The best taskmasters are those who are incredibly efficient and who operate at a fast pace in order to move things along. Although their impatience might cause a little bit of stress sometimes, you really won’t be able to achieve any lofty goals without their help to push everyone and keep each person accountable.


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