The Importance of Simplicity


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I am a huge Amazon fan – they have really simplified my life.  It is so easy to order any kind of product – from shoes and clothes to regular household items, I often find myself executing a “one-click” purchase.  What I love about this experience is that it is so easy.  And, since I am bombarded by daily situations that are not easy, I really appreciate this kind of simple interaction.

In my professional life, I often times find myself thinking about B-to-B interactions and wishing they were easier.  I am not alone.  In a recent B-to-B industry study, Walker found that more than three-quarters of customers indicate that their expectations of B-to-B companies are influenced by their experiences as consumers.  With statistics like this, it is not surprising that “ease of doing business” is a concept generating a lot of buzz in the B-to-B industry right now.

More and more, customers are demanding that conducting business with companies be made easier.  In our study, we found that the ease of working with a company ranks highly as a purchase consideration for customers.  However, only 57% of companies believe that their simplifications efforts are having a true impact on the customer experience.

We believe the time is now for B-to-B companies to focus on how common customer interactions can be simplified.  Successful companies stand to gain a competitive advantage by standing out among the pack of companies who are simple…just like Amazon.

You can learn more about Walker’s study of customer experiences in the B-to-B industry in our upcoming publication, The Value of Making it Easy, scheduled for release in early May.


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