The 5W Approach to boost your Net Promoter Score


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Net Promoter Score

In an age where businesses are becoming customer-obsessed, a whole bunch of metrics have taken the front seat, being tracked and analyzed to the very depth in real-time. And at the top of this list is the Net Promoter Score – a standard measure of Customer Loyalty.

While the importance of NPS is well documented and propagated vigorously, there’s lot more thought and process that goes into leveraging this score to a business’s benefit. In other words, while NPS as a score is revered for its simplicity, owing to its ability to bottle customer affinity towards a brand into a single metric, understanding the nuances of an effective Net Promoter Score program is far more complex.

This is why we’ve come up with the ‘5W approach Infographic‘ to help customer-facing brands in their efforts to gauge the loyalty of their customers, and use the insights to improve customer experiences.

Net Promoter Score


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