Telephone Sales Gaga


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The phone has lost it’s mojo throughout these years and it’s not the first thing one does to initiate any type of communications-which means it is no longer the primary business tool. Today I sat in my Vistage group, a professional group of entrepreneurs that meet on a monthly basis, and a few business owners shared their frustration in the lack of response they received in their direct mail and email efforts. Both situations required an easy phone call and yet this solution was not even considered.  

As sales and marketing continue to synchronize efforts- we cannot lose sight of the most effective tool out there- the phone. There is no substitute for the phone no matter how high-tech we’ve become, our voice is still the most important tool in the sales cycle- especially in inside sales.

That’s why I’m so thrilled that some of my creative heroes, Lady Gaga and Beyonce have teamed up with a cool video and titled it after one of my favorite topics: Telephone. (you’ve gotta check out the turquoise phone…l want one of those)


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