Sweet 3D Potatoes – You Can Smell Them!


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Forget simply looking at advertisements – you can now smell them!

Potato makers McCains have come up with some 3D advertisements that you can smell! Apparently, when you press the button on them in bus shelters in various cities around the country, you get the lovely aroma of freshly baked potatoes to help you on your way!

The smelly adverts are part of McCain’s new campaign celebrating the launch of their new frozen jacket potato! The potato aroma took three months to develop as they teamed up with a specialist scent lab to ensure they got the smell just right!

It’s a nice way of being ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Different, and ‘engaging’ customers – Button pushers also get a discount voucher for baked potatoes!

(3D idea spotted by Jill! It’s number #3 in our 3D Challenge search for 100 ideas!)


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