Surprising your Customers


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Last Sunday I got this text message from Globe.

Globe Advisory: Thank you for your payment of Php690.00 on June 6, 2009 for acct no. xxxxxxxx. You may also pay at our accredited payment channels. Good day!

Well, this is my second surprise from Globe. The first surprise was the first birthday greeting I got from them about four years ago. Since then, every birthday, I get a text message from them. 🙂

Then this. I didn’t even pay on time, which I was supposed to do last May 21st. 😀 Still they bothered to send me this “Thank You” message.

If you are surprised of the amount that I paid, that is because I am enjoying rebates from my existing G-Flex account of Php800. Last month, I had to pay only Php145+. And I didn’t have to scrimp on calls or texts for a month.

The effects of surprising your customers:

* makes your customers happy
* makes them feel important because you bother to connect with them
* builds loyalty
* encourages WOMMA
* stregthens your brand



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