Smart Selling girls just want to have fun


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I’m having a great time working with Nancy Nardin, CEO of Smart Selling Tools. We are writing an eBook together on Smart Selling Tools for Inside Sales 2010 because we believe since inside teams drive up to 50% of a companies revenues and have traditionall sold from “inside” they are the early adopters of tools. This ebook will provide tool fuel and focus as we recommend the top “must-have” tools for inside sales. And when we present these tools, they will each wrap around one of the ten essential skills featured in my Smart Selling on the Phone and Online book.


We met with sponsors last week at the Sales 2.0 conference and Paul Simon from AllBusiness interviewed us as the “Smart Girls”  and I mentioned that Sales 2.0 is about having smart women in sales. YouTube Preview Image

My sales education started with Brian Tracy, Zig Ziggler, Tom Hopkins, Anthony Robbins, Tony Alessandra, Anothony Parinello, Rick Page, Tom Bosworth, Neil Rackham- these fine gentelmen paved the way for us and now it’s our turn.


That’s right, smart selling women authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs have come in with fresh new ideas and tactics to lead us through this new economy. The best part is they are having fun- developing great content and spreading the most important sales and marketing messages today. Keep up the good work and many thanks to some of these fabulous ladies Jill Konrath, Sharon Drew Morgen, Linda Richardson, Trish Bertuzzi, Joanne Black, Kendra Lee, Coleen Francis, Anneke Sealey, Ardath AlbeeJeanette Nyden, and Nancy Nardin


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