Small Businesses Need Loyal Customers–Here’s How To Bring Them In


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Many small business owners think that more customers equal more money. However, focusing on quantity instead of quality isn’t an efficient way to build your customer base and your business profits. Instead of focusing on bringing in new customers, you should work on keeping them and converting them to repeat customers. Discover how you can make any customer loyal to your business with these tips:

Establish a Customer Loyalty Program
One of the most successful ways to keep your customers coming back is to start a loyalty program. With a customer loyalty program, you can increase your business and gain more return customers. Make sure that your loyalty program is valuable enough to customers. Identify what your customers appreciate the most from your business, and use that element as part of your loyalty program. For example, if you own a nail salon, you can give customers a stamp or punch card to track their visits. On their fifth visit, offer them a free manicure as a gift of gratitude for their business.

Provide Optimal Service
Find any area in your customer service department that you can improve, or see if you can offer more helpful services to your customers. Whether you use a call center or customer chat to communicate, customer service is one of the factors that make or break your customer’s loyalty. For example, if you own a business that ships products on a regular basis, your customers will consider the shipping time and costs and use those facts to determine if they’ll do business with you again.

Make Your Brand Stand Out
From product packaging to customer service, any area of your business can be improved with creativity. For example, Tatcha, a high-end skincare company, sends personal thank-you letters to customers who have purchased from them. Make your customers remember your business by adding uniqueness to your brand.

Start a Newsletter
Email marketing is an effective way to keep your business in front of your customers. Set up an autoresponder email series, and schedule emails to send out regularly to keep your customers updated. You can use a website or social media page to promote your email list. Make sure that your newsletter offers useful information to your customers; emails should not be only promotional junk.

As a small business owner, it’s understandable that you want to get as many customers as you can. But, in the long run, putting energy into methods that will help retain customers is more beneficial for your business.


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