Six compelling advantages of modern CRMs


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Small and medium-sized businesses face challenges of limited budgets and fewer IT and human resources. Unlike the big companies, they cannot handle long implementation timeframes or the cost of maintaining the applications all the time. Does that mean that SMBs should not invest in enterprise systems? No…

Then how can the SMBs automate their business processes (via enterprise systems) to increase their efficiency? Let’s find out –

The Advantage of CRM as Complete Business Management Solution

Experts like Chuck Schaeffer are advocating modern CRMs as a must for every SMB.

In his opinion, the modern CRMs serve as all-in-one application that brings together the CRM tenants of sales, marketing and customer relationship management and further includes quotes/invoicing, marketing automation, project management and collaboration tools. So they are not just customer management software but a complete Business Management Solution.

Here are the 5 compelling advantages of such CRMs:

1. One access to all business information: When you have all the required business information at one place point – Imagine the kind of clarity that will come within your business.

Unlike standalone apps where there are multiple overlapping databases holding different versions of same info, CRM functioning as integrated business management suite will provide your business one version of truth. From your management team to the sales, marketing and customer service agents – all will make decision based upon the same accurate data.

2. Easy Data Management: There is a reason why disparate applications are called standalone applications. Because they easily cannot talk to each other, so your IT spends hours trying to cobble together the systems or string together the data siloes.

However, CRM integrated business suite offers easy manage of data. For instance –

  • No manual reentry of data in different systems
  • No manual reentry means less chances of incorrect data entry
  • No data discrepancy or two version of same information (for example one system says AB Consultant; other has the name saved as Automotive Business Consultant.
  • 360-degree view of the entire business operations
  • Business Growth through quick and easy access to all business information. No effort to consolidate the company data together.
  • 3. Single vendor management: It’s always a headache managing a group of application vendors. Imagine the several customer service numbers you have to keep in your database. With one CRM integrated business suite, it’s easy for you to maintain a two-way communication with the vendor. Trouble in any part of the CRM software means contacting just one person. Stress-free isn’t it?

    4. Easy Customization: Complete Business Management Solutions are easy to customize as per the changing organizational processes. Reason: They do not apply to a single department but cover the entire business. Hence, SMBs do not have to customize 10 different apps according to their business processes. Customizing just one broad CRM application does their job.

    Added benefits of choosing a SaaS-based CRM Business Management Solution

    5. Scalability: SaaS based solutions scale up and down along with your business. Whether you want to add more users to the application, increase email quantity or increase the storage space – you can do all this without any disruption.

    This is a strong contrast to the standalone business applications where capacity scaling becomes a lengthy process.

    6. Low Total Cost of Ownership: SaaS based applications provide low total cost of ownership. With faster deployment than traditional software, SaaS based applications eliminate internal maintenance costs. All in all, SaaS based software prove to be economical in the long run compared to the traditional on-premise business software.


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